UK Runners, do you wave or nod at other runners?

I often find myself waving or nodding to other runners - what do fellow UK runners do?  And have you ever had a negative reaction from anyone you waved at?


  • depends how knackered i am and at what stage i am into my run, i had a lovely polite hello, and how are you from to lovely ladies at the start of my run at 6am this morning near Tamworth, normally say hello or awright mate,

  • Ha ha!  I haven't had the luck to cross paths with any lovely ladies - at least not since I felt I was running well enough to wave at people without being laughed at. image

     Edit:  Just to clear it up - I mentioned UK runners because all the Americans I've met seem much more open to me so their reaction to waving might well be different.

  • A polite nod to other runners and a 'morning' to dog walkers does the trick around my way.
  • I used to run in London (Canary Wharf) sometimes, and when I smiled or waved at other runners they tended to ignore or stare at me. Where I live tho, waves and smiles get returned. Not sure if all of London is the same, but Canary Wharf is quite an unfriendly place at the best of times and runners there seemed horribly competitive.
  • If I see another runner I usually try to trip them up or sometimes I just shout insults at them. That's because I only work in London these days. When I used to live in London I would generally hold them up with a knife and take their trainers and iPods.
  • Yes its a bit ignorant not to.
  • Kryten wrote (see)
    If I see another runner I usually try to trip them up or sometimes I just shout insults at them. That's because I only work in London these days. When I used to live in London I would generally hold them up with a knife and take their trainers and iPods.
    Thank god i thought it was just me that did that ....image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Smile and waves are comment. I normally give a thumbs up because that's all i can manage!
  • Generally will smile and say morning - have never had a morning back though so see most other runners as miserable. Need more friendly runners where I live.
  • I once got high-fived by another runner!

    I usually try and catch people's eye and smile and nod. I did this once while walking on the pavement and the guy looked at me like I was crazy. I wanted to run after him shouting "it's ok I'm a runner too" but he was too fast!

  • If I go round the park by the University, everyone I nod or smile at blanks me.

    If I go round my local routes, fields, footpaths, villages, I get nods and waves and smiles from pretty much everyone - even the postman and the church go-ers and the window cleaners.

    Although my bloke pointed out to me recently that when running my nips go all smuggling peanuts so am bound to get a good response!

  • A thumbs up is my usual greeting.

    Works for early mornings, late evenings, rainy nights, race spectators, the elderly couple who have seen me do 5 laps of the park already and have that concerned " he's going to collapse" look on their faces, the older late starter runner plodding along, the over weight lady who "does not walk hills!!"

    Says it all.

  • Did I see the buytonic boy in the Finsbury Park results this week?

    Your bloke BB??? Are you and Pervy Bob an item now?

  • I live in a small village, if i didn't give a nod or a hi then it would be frowned upon!! sometimes all i can muster is a grunt though!
  • No no, there is a Mr Bunny at home. He is my cycle alongside coach / race chauffer / post-event career!

    Pervy Bob is very disappointed.

  • So am I. Was hoping for some girl on girl actionimage
  • I'm always open to offers (if pervy bob can have a go and get a slap, so can anyone else)... my bloke is the type who's head would explode if I mentioned girl on girl!

    Although I am not the Hampstead Heath bushes type!

  • Just wondered if the penny had dropped yet. Seems it hasn't image
  • Pah! I never notice people hitting on me. Never! Mostly cause I don't believe anyone would want a weirdo like me imageimage

  • So now i have a nickname...???

    Oh dear....

    Yes that was me in the FP parkrun results this weekend.

    Did you run?

  • No Stevo I just check out the results since some of my old mates sometimes run there. You are the 12.5p buytonic boy remember? Love Finsbury Park but the parkruns only started since I moved.

  • I used to get mixed results with runners in Clapham.  If they were as plodding and sweaty as me, they used to smile back or say hello, but the more professional-looking, decent runners used to fly past with a bit of a sneer.  Where I live now, runners tend to smile back or respond if you say hello.  On mile 10/11 yesterday, I got a "keep going, you're nearly there" from another runner who I'd seen going the other way about 30 mins earlier...  I must have looked like death warmed up...  I did have enought puff to laugh and shout "Thanks!"...
  • i have been pleasantly surprised by just how friendly and close nit the running community is, on my runs out in the country or along the canal pretty much all runners give a nod or a wave,

    cyclists however are less likely to be so courteous,
  • Cyclist  dont chit chat much though I think thats because most of the ones your likely to meet day to day are commuting and its just an A-B thing. It would be like expecting car drivers to wave at each other.

    If though cyclists are actually training for like round Regents park or on special rides, (Sky ride, Dunwich Dyno) you will get a friendlier interaction.

    As for chatting to runners I have a way of doing it during races. I can be going flat out on the way to a PB yet still pep talk other runners.

    Whats that about??!!

    I think I get over excited....

  • I always try to acknowledge other runners, sometimes I get a responce and other times I don't.
  • is that right Forrest?

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