ACL sprain

I've been out of action since about March this year, having had what I thought was firstly ITBS, then a meniscus tear, but with what has *finally* been diagnosed (via MRI) as a "mild" sprain to my ACL.

Has anyone suffered with this? I'm sure there are plenty on here but the search feature is completely useless in allowing me to find forum threads.

I'm wondering how long it takes for this to get 100% better - or to a point where I can safely start running again with no risk of further damage. Also, I've no idea on what exercises, stretches etc. to try to aid my recovery - hence I'm considering going to the physio (again....for the 4th time now) now I have a solid diagnosis, but I really could do with not having to fork out on more physio fees.

Thanks all


  • Hi, may I know how's your condition now? I, too, am diagnosed with something like this, and am getting worried especially when you said you've been out of action since March and your post was in Sept 2011. The diagnosis of an ACL sprain is really vague and can be inaccurate. 

    The dcotor told me I needed just two weeks to get better but I told him that its already been 3 weeks. Also I have heard that the ACL does not heal easily (or even heal at all) and the doctor switched to saying that he HOPE it will be better in 2 weeks. Hence I am really confused by this diagnosis. To add to my paranoia, I read online that once the ACL is stretched it can never recover and it will remained stretched and gives problems for life while other sources seem to say that a sprain to the ACL can totally heal on its own, some sources suggest it will take months to heal, others suggest that it will take weeks. More paranoia came when I read that MRI images cannot be used to diagnose partial tears accurately. So my stretched ACL could actually be a partial tear diagnosed incorrectly?

    You can reply here or contact me at Thank you very much!

  • I found out last year that I have a complete rupture of mine...and the incident that caused it was about 18 years ago! I always knew my knee had been compromised and is always unstable. I can run (5 marathons and an Ultramarathon) but just not do sharp turns -so no squash or footy

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