Spectating @ GNR

Can anyone help with where is a good place to spectate, past the half way mark. I am looking for somewhere that is not too crowded, and a short distance from public transport, Metro/Railway Station. I am not familiar with the North East at all, and my family are looking to come up and watch the run.


  • I've obly participated, not run, but your family could get the buzz of hanging out at the start, watch the elite start etc, then get on the metro to the finish and get a good place along the seafront at South Shields. Then get metro back into town again at the end.
    BTW, it's crowded everywhere. Well, it's the biggest running event in the UK (bigger than the London marathon) 35000 + runners so nowhere will be exactly empty. It's very easy to miss each other, see it as a bonus if they spot you and decide whose surname you'll be meeting at, at the end. (it's divided into letters eg K/L, so don't do what we did the first time which is leave it unclear whose surname letter was in fact the meeting point!).
  • If you just happen to decide to meet at a surname that starts with Z then it will be pretty clear, just imagine Zimmerman or something similar, the popular letters will be hell! Works at London!
  • Thanks for your help, I am just a little concerned as my wife will be accompanied by our two children, one who is an active 3 year old, along with our 6 month old daughter. I am worried that it might be all too much for her to handle, with the size of the crowd etc.
  • Or you could just pick a landmark somewhere near the finish, it sounds obvious but most people really wont have thought about anything other than their actual surname! Best wishes
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