Brighton marathon 2012 - picking up your number

Brighton marathon 2012 have stated that we have to collect our bib numbers on the Friday or Saturday in Brighton before the marathon.  This was not mentioned at the time of booking and last year numbers were posted out to runners. 

If they won't post our numbers then it could mean additional trave lor  hotel/B&B costs, time off work, not getting your rest day before the marathon, not refuelling as easily as being at home.

 What are your view's on this??????


  • It didn't happen the last two years. I think it's a terrible idea and will inconvenience many people. It would be interesting to hear the views of the organisers on this.
  • It seems that only the runners who gained their places in the ballot have to pick up their numbers. The reasons explained seem to be that with so many numbers being sent out it's a lot of work and some people didn't get their numbers in time. Seems to me that instead of putting there own problems straight they are inconveniencing thousands of runners. The explanation makes no sense whatsoever. Either post them out or don't. If they did change the rules halfway through then that is very bad.

  • 30,000+ people manage to collect their number for the London Marathon.

    Wouldn't  most "out of town" runners would arrive in Brighton on the Saturday anyway?

    I guess that as they have a sell-out event, they aren't too worried if it pisses a few people off!

  • It doesn't piss me off. I will get my number sent to me as I wasn't in the ballot and I live 5 minutes from the start line. I respect that London makes that decision each year and probably rightly so. I just think Brighton are being a bit flaky on this one. If they are going to change the system, change it for 2013 and change it for everyone.
  •  I wouldn't put Brighton in the same league as London.

     I live 85 miles away and I had convinced my husband to drive me there and back in a day as I understood that they will be posting numbers.

  • I agree with Sussex Runner. Brighton please post out our numbers

  • TBH i sort of expected to have to pick up my number the same as VLM or at the Outlaw, i'm guessing there is some sort of Expo for you to spend money at at the same time as registering, seems like good buisness to me if i was organising.
  • I think it's terrible that it wasn't made clear on entering the race that you would be expected to collect your number.  I am not local to Brighton and don't want to go down the day before as it's a major inconvenience as well as the additional cost of travel and/ or accommodation. 

    It is not in the same league as London which I would expect to collect my number from as it's such a major event. 

    Brighton organisers - please post out our numbers and make it clear next year when entering

  • Hip hop, I agree

  •  I'm in the same boat as Chip Chip Away. I really don't want to travel on the Saturdan and spend a fortune on hotels & transport.

      I'd appreciate a formal notification from brighton marathon asap if this is going to be the case. 

  • It seems to be quite clear on the marathon website.

    People who got their entry via the ballot HAVE to collect their numbers.

    Those who entered in good time and got a place have the option to have their numbers sent.

    But the organisers would PREFER everyone to collect their numbers.

    It doesn't seem to be unclear, but I would agree, it seems a bit of a fudge. I wonder if they'll move to number collection for 2013 for everyone. 

  • I don't understand why the ballot places have a different system to the normal entries, it's not as if there is a time limitation as it's still 7 months away and there was no price difference between entries. 

    Why send out some numbers but not them all?  I'm sure the organisers would prefer people to collect as this saves them the cost of postage but as the entry fee was £49, I'm sure this would more than cover this cost. 

  • lots or races smaller than a marathon are getting people to collect their numbers due to costs and lack of volunteers willing to stuff envelopes.
  • Mine arrived this morning (whilst I was out on my final 20 mile training run). The number has what I think is the chip stuck to the top edge of it, but as I've never done Brighton before I don't want to make the mistake of thinking this is the chip when it isn't. There's no covering letter, nor instructions on the back of the number. Am I worrying over nothing? By the way, I can't see why ballot entrants should be treated differently - as HipHop says, there's no price differential, and it's not as though there hasn't been ample time to send out envelopes to everyone.
  • the chip is new this year, on the number itself, last year it was an orange tag on your shoe

    they have made a right mess of the numbers, I never received anything asking if I wanted mine posted (guaranteed entry) and they have pissed off lots of non-local runners by making them collect, the fact that they didn't send a printed "final instructions booklet" like they did last year and no Clif Bar pacemakers flown in from the USA either smacks of they want to keep as much of the million quid as they can, as they say on their website they are in it to make a profit

    it will be known as the greedy marathon to me

  • Thanks Glitsy. Perhaps on the basis of the above I might have to consider a smaller, better value Spring marathon next year (unless I strike it lucky in VLM ballot!)
  • along with the big increase in entrants it could be painfully crowded, in the half marathon recently it was impossible to overtake runners in places and that used pretty much the same course 

    I won't be doing next year even though it's on my doorstep, tempted to do the 3 forts instead at only 20 quid

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