Lochaber Marathon 2012

Hi all!

I have been looking around for a good first marathon and I think I have settled with the Lochaber Marathon in April.

I have done a few half marathons and generally come in between 1.45 and 1.50. I usually feel that after a half I could go around again which has driven me to take the step up to the mighty marathon!

I have read that Lochaber is a good PB course, and as this will be my first a PB is guaranteed!

I know the weather for this one is a huge factor but can any runners of this course tell me a bit about the profile of the course, scenery, facilities....

The application form states you can apply online at runnersworld but I don't see the link online? I will just send the paper application....



  • Fort William and flat - a basic out and back course mosetly in a straight line - lovely scenary
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Did this in 2006 - starts in Fort William - mile thru housing estate to main road, 12 miles up, 12 miles back, then mile thru estate to finish on shinty field. Really liked it - on the way back you can focus on Ben Nevis (if the weather allows) - a big help when the suffering starts. Only slight downside is traffic on the road, but this wasn't a great problem for me. Great presentation after in hall, with tea & sandwiches.  Stayed over until Monday, which meant a splendid night at pub, with plenty of other marathoners taking refreshment - excellent weekend all round.
  • Very well run, small & friendly. If you like low key races & lovely scenery it will work well for you. Probably about 400 runners I guess.

    Only downside for me - the finishing clock was out by about 2 minutes - thought I'd hit my target only to later find out I had just missed it. Still very happy with 3:15 & change.

    Fast course - ever so slightly uphill on the way out.

    Fort William takes ages to drive to - but some stunning scenery en route. Train a good option if you are on the West Coast Line. Loads of hotels - got a decent deal at the Alexandra which is 5 mins walk from the start.
  • I travelled up from wales this year to do this one , fantastic drive up over 2 days ,stopped off overnight in Carlisle..We stayed in self catering lodges 6 mile from Fort William which were fantastic,so you can cook all your favorite foodsimage

    My 3rd marathon at the young age of 54.. Great little low key club type event,but the weather on the day was warm and sunny which made it hard after months of winter training,so only managed 3hr43image Said on the day i would not do another marathon,but hey ho have registerd for VLMimage

    I would definately recomend Lochaber Marathon

  • all sounds very positive!

    I have family in Fort William so going to make a weekend of it! I see that the online entries have now opened on here so will register on payday!

    Just hoping I can keep my training up enough through the winter months!
  • Where can you get application for this?? I've been looking online and can't find it??
  • Thank you image
  • Hi all,

    Took the plunge and put my money where my mouth is !!

    First marathon, although always been generally fit with lots of other sports. So we shall see.

    Always swore I would do one by the time I was 40, guess what im 40 eek image 

    This marathon will see me still 40 just lol..

    Bring it on, thats my bravo bit, cacking it really. So want to do a decent time and then retire immediately!

  • Entered last night.

    Like the sound of this from what little I've read on forums, etc.

    Not such a huge fan of out and back courses, but the scenery in this one should more than compensate for that.

    Did Loch Ness on Sunday in a PB 4:15 so aiming for anything under 4 hours for this.
  • Entry form completed and waiting to post!!

     Did my first marathon in Berlin last wk, amazing time but want something smaller.

    Kenny-I'll be aiming for a sub 4 too after achieving 4-09 in scorching heat of Berlin.image

    Dont know about out and back either, the thought of seeing all the fast people passing on their way back......image

  • place booked and room booked in the Ben Nevis Hotel and Health Suite! Looking forward to a weekend of running!
  • Kaz1, well done! I'd love to do Berlin - maybe in 2012.

    Just booked a wee b&b there so that's that out the way....
  • Just entered too....looking for some accom. now to spend a week up there.....good times image
  • I entered last week. Booked straight into the Premier Inn which I think is right by thje start/finish area.

    Looking forward to it.

    Amsterdam half on Sunday, was meant to be the full, but training went bad with niggly injuries.

    Then full steam ahead to Lochaber

  • Thanx very much Mark, will take a lookimage
  • Well, they do look lovely, however its got to be somewhere that will allow pets as the old pooch will have to come with usimage
  • OH- a thread going already, good. This will be my 4th go at this- aiming to keep it under 4 hrs if possible. Better get my entry / accomodation sorted then!
  • I've entered too. First time for this Marathon which sounds like a small and friendly race. After the utter chaos at Edinburgh in May, i vowed never to run there again. Got accomodation sorted and really looking forward to it.
  • Love Fort William, normally camp there in July but think April might still be a bit chilly!!

    Weather absolutely  awful here not inspiring training at all......

  • I did Edinburgh too.  I thought it was all fantastic apart from the end, i would have done it again this year but something else on.
  • Hi folks. Did my first marathon in Berlin in September and I am now looking for one to run in the spring. Paris would be the obvious choice but I think it would be very similar to Berlin in terms of scale and atmosphere. I fancy something different and Lochaber would seem to fit the bill? No airports to contend with either, just a nice 2 hour drive down from Elgin. Mmmm. Very tempting.....

  • I am thinking of doing this one, but I am not a fast runner, pb is 4.46, I am not worried about being on my own or last (been there done that) but do want a friendly experience.  Does this fit the bill?


  • Slow and old wrote (see)

    I am thinking of doing this one, but I am not a fast runner, pb is 4.46, I am not worried about being on my own or last (been there done that) but do want a friendly experience.  Does this fit the bill?


    My one and only marathon was 4:42, so i'll be round about where you are!  I'll try and be very friendly if that helps!image
  • OK, so need to look at trainig plans soon- I've just done my first ultra- 31 miles, yesterday, so need 2 weeks of no running to recover, then time to get going again. I'm comcentrating on lots of realtively slow mileage, but MUST do some speed work too- last time I just did slow stuff, and I'm getting to the point where marathon pace feels really fastimage- not good!

     Will try to do something along the lines of Pfizinger and Dougls less than 55 miles per week.

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