Lochaber Marathon 2012



  • Take your time, enjoy the scenery, feel the Highlands.

     There's a PB in it for sure, if you want it - yet this is really one for those of us who just love running.

    The cleanest air, the freshest green and the softest Highland accents you'll ever experience. And the unmistakable shape of The Ben all the way back in.

    The weather is often warm and windless, even when there is gentle rain.

    Take it all with a quiet smile and that calm confidence that comes from being a marathon runner.

    You'll love it.

  • Thanks Adidas -  I have entered

    Tricalitt - Just being very nosey, which ultra and how did you find it.

    Johnchik - I agree the scenery will be the highlight.

    I am looking at plans now, Happy running all


  • kaz1 wrote (see)

    Love Fort William, normally camp there in July

    Is it? I was imagining it was quite a butch sort of place
  • s&o- Glen Ogle ultra- a new one, 'sposed to be 33 miles, but they had to change the course. I went VERY slowly ( took me 5:15 to get to marathon distance), but felt good. "off road" but on good paths, and oddly my feet feel less battered than after a road marathon. I've decided to go down the ultra route, as my marathons are getting slower, and a bit frustrating, so, if I can kid myself they're training runs for ultras, then I'll just relax and enjoy the day. (OK, weird psychology, but heh).

  • Tricialitt - An interesting experience, I have thought about doing one but was worried that I am too slow, do they have cut-offs normally.  Also I am a very poor navigator and am terrified of getting lost.

  • Yes_ we got lost, but there were a bunch of 10 of us at that point, and we all had 'phones, Garmins, etc- plus ut was beautiful weather, and we weren't all that remote. I would think twice before doing the longer ones, and the ones where you end up in the dark.
  • I did the Lakeland 50 this yearimage
  • I've bought "Noakes lore of running"- Wow!- I'm really just skimming the surface, but it is really interesting- more questions than answers, though. Also looking at the Hadd thread- lots of Base training- virtually no faster running. I think I might go for a "hadd" approaach to increase mileage on just very slow running until about 9 weeks before the race, then 6 weeks faster stuff, 3 weeks taper. This might work better than the usual plan where I train well until 6 weeks before the race, then virutally stop running becuse of a series of niggles, and an accumumltion of tiredness. We'll see. I also need to factor in my ski trip in february. I've been skiing at that point in marathon traiing before, and basically I just never get going again properly once I get back.
  • I haven't signed up yet, but have booked accomodation (that can be cancelled at no cost...). My dilema is that I am off to the Rockies for two weeks skiing at the end of Feb. and don't get back until 8 March - 5 weeks before the marathon. Tricialitt - you have confirmed my fears that this might be a problem! I have only done one marathon - Berlin this year - and really want to beat my time of 3 hours 53. What to do???

  • Simon- don't be put off by my difficulties getting going again after ski trips- It's probably just laziness, plus excess alcohol. I would start my trainig 2 weeks earlier, so that I don't feel the need to cram in the missed LSR's the day I get back. I actually tried to go running last year while away in colorado- the altitude made it too breathless to do much, plus I had to take my Yaktax with me to cope with icy underfoot conditions. If your hotel has a gym, that's another option to keep yourself ticking over.
  • Adidas-  The marathon will be a piece of cake for you after that!

    Tricialitt - I have the lore of running too, its a big book!

    I have found my running mojo and am just enjoying getting out at the moment.

  • Tricialitt - Laziness are alcohol are two of my favourite pastimes so it's going to be tough to get myself in shape. However, I have decided to go for it. I'll try and get as much training done before the holiday and the skiing should keep my fitness level up. I'll just have to go easy on the apres ski......
  • OK, I'm back into running post- ultra, but it's still a struggle- managed 2x 6 mile commute to/ from work yesterday- keeping it slow to keep HR below 70% as per HADD. Will build up to aim for 4x6 mile commute, plus 1x 11 mile commute per week, all at slow pace. Am also doing spinning class once weekly to try to keep some cardiac fitness.

    Have also booked Hotel- Nevis bank this year- all the others either have crap reviews, or are filling up already. Not cheap, but heh? UNfortunately the only practical way of doing this race for me is for OH to drive me up the road on saturday afternoon ( from Glasgow), run sunday, grab a shower, and sit in the car getting REALLY stiff and sore to get back home sunday evening for work monday. I'd love to stay the extra night after, but can't afford work time, and we can't leave the cat alone in the house too long.

  • OK - just sitting down to plan Spring Marathon and for the first time have to fit it around school holidays.  Lochaber is currently top of the list but the other 6 Marathons I've done were all big city events - London, Paris, Rome etc. How different (good and bad?) is it with less than 500 running and are the open roads an issue as the mind and body starts to wander at 20+ miles?? Any thoughts welcome...
  • 14may83- it is quite different than a big city marathon- no crowds yelling at you, but it's nice- being an out- and back, the outgoing runners tend to clap the returning ones, and vice versa.

    If you do end up running with someone else in the last few miles, they tend to give a few words of encouragement if you are tempted to slow or walk. I have been on my own- a couple of hundred yards behind the next runner, but it's fine- much more "community spirit" amoung the runners (at the back end of the pack, anyway) than in bigger, more anonymous races.

    Perhaps you need to be a little more self- sufficient in terms of motivation, but I enjoy that.

    For someone like you who has already done 6, so knows they can manage the distance, it will be fine......possibly moreof a worry for a first timer, especially if they are going to take more than 4:30, 'cos it can get failry widely spaced out after that.

  • Tricialitt - thanks for the response.  Your comments and feedback from prior years suggests I should probably take the plunge and get my entry in.
  • Cheque now in the post and training plan drawn-up and printed out - and so it begins! 
  • My pre-training base training has fizzled out to almost nothing in the lst 2 weeks - work, plus ghastly weather to blame, along with poor motivation..................must do better
  • Feeling guilty after a few lazy weeks (a variety of far-fetched and lame excuses) so I forced myself out into the snow today for a 10 miler. White-out conditions with massive hail stones. I wish I had worn my ski goggles! More of the same to look forward to next Sunday - the 'Turkey Trot' - a 10 mile race in Lossiemouth.
  • Pretty grim in the central belt today but I should probably confess now that my entire training regime will be done indoors at a gym in the warm whilst watching football on Sky Sports - partly because my right knee can't cope with 16 weeks of tarmac and partly because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't force myself out to do long runs during a Scottish Winter. It does mean that I'm probably not as well preapred for race day as I would be if I got out and ran on harder surfaces a bit more - but needs must and all that. 12 miler today and there was absolutely no way I would have ran outside for 90 minutes today.

  • On Sunday it will be 18 weeks to go until Lochaber, so it's just about time to start the training plan.

    It's going to be weird kicking this off in the heart of Winter, but it's going to feel so rewarding if I can stick to it until the Spring starts to kick in. I think that rather than come home from work and not get out the door until about 6.30 or 7pm I'll start trying to run home with my work stuff in a backpack and see how I get on.

    With luck I won't do anything to my back, and the running through the winter won't feel quite so grim if I know I'd be sitting on a packed train or bus anyway.

  • Signed up today and been training for 4 weeks now with around 5 weeks leeway for unexpected illness/weather etc.

    It's hard to train at this time of year, just as it's getting progressively colder and we're reaching holiday season.  I too am considering running home from work.  That way by the time you're home, the run is done! Going home in a warm car to a warm house makes it challenging to venture back out in the cold and dark.

    Excited though!

  • Yes- commuting is definietly the way to get the runs in- you have no choice, as there's no other way to get home!- some parts of my route are a problem in the dark, though, so I'll aprk half way and run the remaining 6 miles each way. Can do the full 11 mile commute at weekends when it's light, but first the wind needs to stop so that the bridge re-opens!

    Don't worry too much about being a tready trainer, 14may 83- I did it for my first marathon- I don't think I could manage the 3hrs tready runs any more- out doors is better ( except today), just remember to vary the incline a bit, and do a little bit outdoors, otherwise things like the camber on the roads will cause you problems, as will runnung down hill, which you can't practice on a tready! ( I know Lochaber is flat, but there are litle ups and downs to deal with)

  • Greetings Everyone

    Entered a few weeks and need to think about getting stuck into the training now. Did my PB of just under 3:55 at Loch Ness a couple of years ago and looking to get under that time in Lochaber.  Providing I can stay fit this will be mara number 11.

    Looking forward to sharing all of your experiences over the next few months.

  • Hi Goldeagle!

    Week 1/18 done.

    Dunno how the snow and ice is where you all are but it's treacherous here today with just about every road and pavement unrunnable due to black ice.

    Headed over to the park and managed a 4 mile slog this morning, but it's going to be a pain trying to find somewhere to run in the dark evenings if these conditions persist.

    Loathe to join a gym, but if need must I suppose it'll have to be done.
  • Am doing something a bit odd with trainig this time- going to stick to HADD base trainig until 8 weeks before race day, then skip into a "sharpening " programme, adapted from P&D, I think. So this was supposed to be 90 mins @ <70% max HR- managed 70 mins at this HR on tready before my brain went to mush and I quit!

    Pavements in Glasgow are really treacherous, don't know what I'd do without the gym- 'spose the other option is to find an off -road route, see if that's any less icy

  • Hi folks
    Just entered Lochaber, this will be my 6th mara, done Edinburgh 3 yrs in a row but after this years shambles at the end, thought i would try something a little different! Done Loch Ness last 2 years and that is a brilliant race!
    Looking to sneak under the 3hr, did Loch Ness in 3hr 9mins, but a lot will depend on the weather on the day!!(And the the winter training plan!!)
    If the pavements are too icy for training - try sneaking onto the local golf course and running around it a few times!

    Can't wait, something to focus on for the new year!
  • I reckon the Lochaber course is worth a good few minutes on time, due to it's lack of hills- I'm sure both Goldeagle and NEAMAC are iin for a PB , unless the weather does something bad.....it's been beautiful for the last 2 or 3, but very hot a few years ago.

    Am trying to stop doing my online shopping, and get going with a run soon...............looks chilly out there.

  • Really loved Loch Ness and will definitely try to get there again.

    Am in the West Midlands and although the nights have been pretty cold this last week the underfoot conditions have been OK. Dislike treadmills and and have absolute admiration for anyone who can bang out loads of miles on them. Got out for 6 miles last night and felt pretty good. Have been taking things a bit easy after Palma mara in mid-October and really fun time out in Cyprus at the 4-day challenge.  

  • Tricia, I actually live really close to the Clyde Tunnel and I'm thinking if all else fails to run back and forward through the cycle/ footpath bits.
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