Lochaber Marathon 2012



  • Too icy up North today for running so I went skiing instead. Glad I did because the conditions were brilliant. Must get the running shoes back on tomorrow though...

  • Merry Christmas All. Hope it's a good one.
  • Season's Greetings - here's hoping the weather settles down a bit as it's hardly conducive to running (yet more gales and heavy rain) outside - I'm away from home/gym.  Hope Santa was good to everyone.

    Having a look at pre-Marathon races; Balloch to Clydebank HM is usually a good fit - but according to the Scottish Athletics website it is a month later this year and is to be held on .........yes you've guessed - the 15th of April 2012.  Looks like a long-overdue repeat visit to Alloa HM will be in order (18 March) 

  • Oh no, I like doing the B>C HM- it goes right past my street at about 10 miles, so my OH can feed me jelly beans and take away any clothing I want to discard. GRrrrrrrr.

    Alloa HM is much less convenient, but hey ,what ever.

    So, 16 weeks to go- everyone sorted out their training? Think I'm starting with a  "rest" day ( ie feeling lazy)

  • Disappointed that I'll be missing out on that one as well, but I suppose that the severity of the last couple of winters would have had a lot to do with it.

    If I do anything as a replacement It'll probably have to be Alloa and as far as races go that'll be my lot - last year I entered a plethora of 10k's in the build up to Edinburgh Marathon but that won't be happening this time round.

  • Used P&D's 12 week 55pw max schedule for Palma because that's all the time I had. Worked really well. So the plan this time is to do lots of slow miles over the next 4 weeks and then slot into the same with a much better base. Did 15 Saturday and 6 today so it's not a bad start. We shall see...

    Heading south for 2 halfs, Watford on 5th Feb and Bournemouth Bay (relatives in the area) on1st April and Stafford 20 on 11 Feb. 

  • hmmm... for 11th Feb read 11th March....
  • Ah- hadn't thought of one of the shorter P&D schedules_ that might be just the job, as I'm trying to work on base, too, and always find I end up losing heart by about week 12 of an 18 week plan - much more likely to keep up the concentration on the shorter version!

    8 refreshing base- building miles today.............on wards and upwards

  • Helloooooooooo is there anyone else there?

    Perhaps everyone is so busy training, that they don't have time for the internet anymore?

    I'm staying up near Loch Tay just now, manged to get out for a few wet and windy miles, although the proper schedule had been somewhat put out by the lack of ususal routine.

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Doing just fine thanks, despite the awful weather. An old calf injury reared it's ugly head during a 10 mile race in December. I hobbled the last 7 miles and was surprised that I still managed a respectable time (for me) of  75 minutes.

    Since then I have been building back up gradually, and did an easy pace 13 mile run on Monday, in the wind and rain, without any problems. I'll just need to be patient - something I'm not very good at!

  • 101 days to go according to the wee counter thing on my desktop.....

    Had a good easy opening 3 weeks to my schedule with nothing too demanding.

    The LSRs get a wee bit more demanding over the next few weeks so we'll see how the dodgy knee stands up. That's my biggest worry but it's been behaving so far.
  • Well done, guys. Nice to see things are going along nicely.

    5 easy miles with club tonight, 10 tomorrow and 15 planned for Saturday. All pretty slow.

  • Only 100 days to go now!!!! I better get my finger out and start my training programme. I feel a steady 10 miler coming on tomorrow morning. image
  • Well, my 10 mile tonight didn't go as planned. A couple of miles in got some pain from my right calf which got progressively worse. In the end rang my son who came and picked me up. Ice and ibuprofen. Give it a few days and see how it goes. Probably better to get a problem now than in April. 

    Hope everyone else is fit and well!

  • First post for a while - just about recovered from sea-sickness coming back from Arran during the stormy weather over the holiday period.  Couple of easy paced 13 milers over the last two weekends with a 15 miler planned for Sunday. 

    I'm on a 3 days running per week programme - long runs, tempo and speed sessions are all going really well (touch wood) and feeling pretty good just now (I know I really shouldn't tempt fate by typing that should I) - probably hepled by losing the best part of a stone in the last 3-4 months following a cholestrol check back in September!!

    Have booked accomodation - we've splashed out and taken a family room at the Isles of Glencoe in Ballachulish; not cheap but ideal for the wee one and only a short drive on the Sunday morning.  Pre-race crowds should be less of an issue than at London or Paris!.  Can't remember an Italian in Fort Bill for the pre-race pasta party though?

    Also now entered Alloa HM - online list of entries is already lengthy for those targeting it as a pre-marathon outing.

    Hope everyone else is OK - sounds like a few gremlins Goldeneagle - I suspect we all have one or two each between now and 15 April - let the madness begin

  • I am another one for the injury bench- well, a cold, actually, but no training since wednesday, and I think it'll be a couple of days before I'm back in action, still better to get these things out the way at this stage!
  • I have finally bitten the bullet and signed-up for Lochaber! Needed something to get me fired up. Did a fairly fast 8K run today in preparation for a 5K race tomorrow. Next week I intend to step up the mileage. Having said that, I feel a bit of man flu coming on, and we know how serious that can be!

    14May - well done on losing a stone. I think I have put one on in the last couple of weeks!

    Goldeagle - I always carry my phone on long runs and have had to use it sevaral times over the years to get rescued when injury/exhausion has ground me to a halt. Hope the calf improves quickly.

  • Hope everyone's training is going well.

    Still sidelined at the moment. Calf still sore. Physio looked at it and doesn't think it's too serious. Hopeful of getting out again in next few days. Number for Watford Half on 5 Feb arrived yesterday. It's amazing when you are injured how time seems to fly!

    Simon, I have a cheap pay as you go phone which I carry on runs. Only my son and daughter have the number but had a bizarre text conversation with a bloke last week who thought I was someone called Jessica......image

  • Man-flu has grounded me this weekend, which is a real pain as the weather is perfect. I had planned 15 miles. Oh well, I'll just have to postpone until next weekend.

    Goldeagle (or is it Jessica?) - glad to hear the calf isn't too serious.
  • Over my cod now- hellish week at work, so only got to gym once, but managed 11miles slow yesterday without any bother, need to ramp the mileage back up this week.
  • Headed from Whiteinch up to Mugdock Reservoir and did a couple of laps there this morning.

    Quite a good run to get under the belt because there's a fair bit of gradual (and occasionally steep) climbing in the 6 or so miles it takes to get there.

    Had a lovely still morning for it- the water like glass. It's great to get back into the proper LSR's.

  • Ahem......for "cod", read "cold"...........- my typing is really appalling sometimes
  • I thought you were maybe on some new fangled fish diet....

  • Slow 17 miles for me on Monday night after work due to other commitments at the weekend.  Went OK but it made it a long day.  A bit of a sore throat and cough for me as well (I thought running was meant to boost your immunity system at this stage?)so a couple of rest days for me since.  Planning my first 20 miler at the weekend.
  • 14May83, well done on the 17 miles and good luck for the 20.

    I'm a million miles away from there at the moment but at least the physio has said I can start running again so that's good news. Just need to be disciplined enough to build things back slowly...... not easy when 15 April is only 12 weeks on Sunday image

  • Got the go ahead from the physio to start running again and did just 3 easy miles last night without any discomfort.

    So it looks like P&D's tried and tested 12-week schedule is called for!  Although I will try and take it easy next week. Honest..........

  • Goldeneagle - glad to hear you are back running - but don't try and do too much too soon (we've all been there and got that particular t-shirt)

    20 miler on Monday went Ok for me - although a bit sore after my tempo run yesterday, so passed on the planned interval session today.  Managed to blag a day-off work tomorrow so planning a pleasant day on the hills (which always help strengthen the calf muscles!).

    Hope everyone else is OK - it is pretty quiet on here compared to the Paris forum last year although that might have a lot to do with having 35,000 fewer participants.

  • So- finally have the prospect of a weekend of work, looking at a good long run..........and it's snowing!
  • hello folks

    I am in for this one image

    currently LSR upto 18miles- but waaaay slow and painful.

    this weekend ; slow recovery run today and then fell run with club on sunday
    hoping for sub 3.45, if it all goes to plan......................ahem, ahem
  • 14May, well done on the 20-miler and well done and welcome cumberlandrunner.

    My running total for this week is a magnificent 7 miles and the calf problem's re-occurred so more physio and no running. Lochabe's beginning to look a bit doubtful unless I can get this sorted really quickly. 

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