Lochaber Marathon 2012



  • There certainly has been a problem with hot weather once in the last 5 years, but I think we'll be back to usual dreich scottish conditions by then.

    Little bit of faster running for me this morning- just to prove that the taper has started! No mor eslow plodding wah-hey! ( except the 16miles next weekend!)

  • 10 miles yesterday evening in much cooler conditions. Feeling tired today but plan to do my last LSR tomorrow morning - 14 miles should be enough. Then start to wind down. Feel a bit guilty about tapering considering the lack of mileage I have completed. Another 4 weeks would be ideal, but I guess very few get to the start line having completed a perfect training plan. And my blisters hurt like hell. Why do we do this???
  • Decided that 16 miles today would be silly, did 13miles, with middle bit at planned race pace image- I'm having trouble finding a steady pace, and kept going up to more like half mara pace.....then I was knackered, never mind. Realy must rest a bit now, legs still feel rough.

    I think just a few short runs at race pace or faster , nothing longer than an hour from now.

    Just looked at my stats, compared to PB at this distance, on Fetch anaylsis thingy- unless I do less than 1 miles in the next 2 weeks, my mileage will be higher than previously , so perhaps my trainig hasn't been as awful as I thought!

    Positive thoughts, everyone.....don't let the taper wibbles set in!

  • Too late. I have a fully fledged case of taperchondria.
  • Did my 14 miler this morning at a nice gentle pace, but it felt anything but easy. Very unconvincing, and I was totally exhausted at the end. mmmm. Must be the ridiculous ramp up in mileage over the last 3 weeks. Now for two weeks of rest and we'll see what happens at Fort William. Very apprehensive now, but nothing to lose. Except my sanity. And my health. And my pride....
  • I'm also hoping that the reason it felt so bad yesterday was the accumualtion of fatigue from trainig- the taper WILL fix that .....................I hope!

    Starting to think about my race kit for the day- weather looks like it will be cooler by then, but I've never needed anthing more substantial than running vest, 3/4 leggings, arm warmers, and a hat to actually run in. 

    Hope we're not going to end up running through a snow drift!

  • Did an uncomfortable 12 miles with a tight hamstring!! That's all i need with 2 weeks to go!!! Hopefully taper will sort out any niggles!
  • current forcast for fort william next weekend

    2degress, feels like -4, 19% chance precip, 20 mph northerly wind!

  • A lovely Scottish Spring day. Shorts and vest it is then...

  • Can handle the cold and the rain - it's the wind that will be the problem!!

    What are the chances on it being a tail wind for 26miles?!
  • Don't think I've ever had a tail wind. It always seems to be right in my face. Maybe that's because I run so fast. (I wish....)
  • I think it might be reasonably sheltered from a northerly, as the road goes along the north side of the Loch, and there are hills north of that.

    I might re-think what I was going to wear, though- add gloves, ear warmers, maybe switch to a top with sleeves!

  • The plan for me this morning was a nice gentle 10 miles, but ended up running it all at MP. I can't seem to run a slower pace. A coupe of short runs mid week and that's that.... Stomach is gurgling just thinking about next Sunday.
  • I went out for a 10 miler along the West Highland Way that turned into 13miles! A good easy pace.
    Clocked 46 miles for the week down from average off 55/week, feel as if I did too many miles last week - need to drop to 25/30 this week! This tapering is a nightmare!!
    Is there going to be snow next week?! The weather is the biggest worry!!
  • One weather site says showers and thunderstorms for next sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- however the temp forecast is up to 8 degrees, 65% chance rain, but wind looks less........................it might be OK, the forcast hasbeen dreadful 1 week out each year I've done it, only for the day itself to be bright, crisp, and just right temp -wise ( or evn a little too hot!).

    I'm seizing up from too much sitting at the 'puter- sure it's much worse for me than r*nning!

  • Crisp, 8 degrees and no wind please.

    My right big toe and the one next to it have been rubbing together and the skin is hanging off both. Ouch!! Need to get some decent plasters, and pain killers, for Sunday.

    NEAMAC - I daren't check my average weekly average. I would pull out now if I did....

    It will be intersting to see how my run compares with Berlin, when I religiously followed a training plan. I suspect I may become aquainted with the 'wall' this time.

  • Sunday Fort William on Metcheck

    5C, feels like 1C, 1mm rain light overcast. wind 12mph Northerly. If that holds then less pleasant than last year but a whole lot better for running in.

    Just getting the 'have I trained enough paranoia'

     Good luck everyone, see you Sunday.

  • Just back from a week's hols on Mull - snow on the hills (and I hadn't taken my crampons or ice axe!). 

    Glad to hear everyone is suffering from 'taperitiis'. 12 miles at MP for me last Sunday - no running at all while on Mull but a couple of long hill days (and putting that down as 'equivalent miles').

    I forecast that there will be weather in Fort William on Sunday and that it probably won't be hot. Seriously I don't fancy hypothermia, haven't been training wearing a Polartec fleece and don't fancy trying it for the first time on Sunday.

  • I am getting e-mails saying that 14may83 has posted, but I can't see the posts. Anyone else having this problem. Are you seeing my posts??
  • I can see them now. Must have hit 'Ignore Member' button by mistake. Sorry!
  • Surprisingly little chatter on here considering how close to race day it is. can only assume people are tucked away tucking into carbs - glorious excuse to eat every couple of hoursimage
  • 2wheels-good - I am putting on weight every hour, I think I will be rolling round the course on Sunday.
    Glorious day in Glasgow today can't believe it is to be 4c and raining on Sunday!?
  • The forecast is now 7 degrees, light showers, 6mph NE wind. Not bad??  Now for some more food.
  • Met Office has 8 degrees, dry but cloudy and next to no wind - I'll take that now.  We are heading up Friday afternoon and making a weekend of it, so this is probably my last posting before the race - best wishes to everyone on here.  See you at the post-race tea and cakes!
  • Weather looking pretty good, Might even have a slight tail wind on the way back. Good luck to you all and hopefully see you at the finish line.

  • Simon - as you kindly visited the Paris thread to wish us luck on Sunday I thought it was only polite to drop by and do the same. Having done both marathons, I can definitely say that although the scenery in Paris may be more French, the scenery in Lochaber is more, well, mountain-y image . Good luck all, and hope the weather holds for you.
  • Many thanks RR. This is only my 2nd marathon and it will be very different from Berlin. At least there shouldn't be any water station stampedes. Or the 21 degree temperatures....
  • GoldeagleGoldeagle ✭✭✭
    Good luck to everyone for Sunday. Sorry I can't be with you.
  • Hi- am up and raring to go- just got to pop in to work ,then driving up the road. Weather looks hopeful now. Spent the whole of the last week hiding from alll the people with work with some horrible viral thingy..........think I've avoided it, but every slight thing makes me think I'm about to get sick!!!

    Fingers crossed for all those who've actually made it to the start line ( or nearly...........).

    See you there!

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