ITU World Championships in London

ITU awards 2013 World Championship Series Grand Final to London

 Should be good.... anybody fast enough and hungry enough to qualify?

Either way it will be great to watch! image


  • Just found this using the search function.. anybody else racing it? I've got my place but funnily enough I don't know whether i'll be racing sprint or olympic yet! Hoping for olympic.. does anyone know roughly how many people are likely to be racing?

  • B_K - how have you got your place? Did you medal at this year's worlds or Europeans or are you not-British??    

    Qualifiers for the GB squad for the a/g World Champs haven't been announced yet and won't take place until next year.   

    my missus is hoping to grab a GB place but not me - too many skinny whippets in my a/g

  • Irish - It's a much easier entry! It's top 5 applicants per age group per gender in a pre-selected race or top 5 per age group per gender overall in the national series.

  • ah - suspected you might be Irish.   the GB teams are usually 20 per a/g per gender made up of from qualifiers (top 3 or 4), roll down, World or Euro medallists from this year, and a few discretionary places (need to be applied for - no guarantee of selection - previous form and circumstances taken into account).    and diffferent qualifiers for sprint and standard.  qualifier race times need to be within a % of the a/g winner (115% for Worlds).  bit more complex for the GB lot!!


  • That's interesting that they don't announce places until next year. You'd imagine in races abroad such as the world champs in New Zealand this year that you would like to know well in advance whether you were going or not. We get 20 per a/g per gender as well for each race. Seems odd that we get the same amount given the population difference!

  • the NZ World a/g squads have been selected of course but the qualifiers for London in 2013 will announced this autumn I suspect.

    maybe every country gets 20 places??  I suspect that the London champs will be well oversubscribed for places so the qualifiers are going to be interesting races!

  • Do the UK, as the hosts, get something like double the amount of spaces available though for 2013?

    Either way, I don't actually think I will be able to qualify for this now... so for that reason, im out!

  • GB - they might do but there's nothing on the BTF website yet to say they will have...

    when are you off to India??

  • First week in October. If I am only there for 3 months or so then I may still be up for trying for this... but if it's anything longer then it would be too much a task considering my current level (barely 'jogging', not swam for 6 weeks, and have a face like death on the bike!)

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