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Could be impossible but am looking for a running jacket that keeps me dryish when raining but allows heat and sweat out. All waterproof jackets I have act like sweat suits and I end up wetter inside than outside.

Obviously it cannot breathe and be completely waterproof but has anyone found a make that gives best of both worlds??

Thanks in advance



  • Not found anything which can cope with amount of sweat from running - walking yep (mostly), running no.

    I work on the principle that skin is waterproof, and that the real problem is a combination of wet and cold, especially when teamed up with wind. I wear a windproof gilet, and that with a thermal l/s suits for virtually all winter (with gloves). If I was going somewhere remote where there would be a problem with rapid cooling, I'd take a small pack with waterproofs in. In summer it's always just shorts and t-shirt no matter how much rain.
  • Havea look at some of the fell running gear designed specifically for the needs you describe - the likes of Montane and OMM

    Expect to pay vast amounts of mone for gossamer thin kit

  • Completely agree with EC.  I've been a fell runner for more years than I care to remember and waterproof jackets for runners are just not worth the money.  Lightweight gortex is expensive and TBH it was never designed to be used in our British Climate where it tends to be warm and wet.  It was designed for Alpine conditions where it is extremely cold on the outside but warm inside so you get the optimum moisture transfer of sweat to the outside but still keep the weather from getting inside.  The problem for British runners is the effect of wet + windchill - thats what makes you cold, not wet per-se.  So for me, a pertex wind proof (Montane do some really good windshirts/jackets) plus a smartwool base layer in winter is the perfect combination.  Yes, you get wet but you don't get cold and as EC says skin is waterproof!  The rules for longer fell races and MM's in GB which can be run in the most dire weather state you have to carry full waterproof kit with you.  In 20 odd years of participating in such events I rarely have had cause to put them on and carry them simply as a safety precaustion in case I get injured and have to wait for assistance.  In fact, my "waterproof Jacket" cost about £20 - I wouldn't want to run in it!  I have never parted with the vast amounts of money needed to buy the OMM waterproofs and they are specifically designed for mountain marathons but I don't see the need.  they do look good however - maybe someone will come on in a bit and tell us all they're worth it?
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    I have a Salomon Fast wing hoodie, it was £50 but got it half price years ago and it's the only jacket I can run it. the material is so thin it seems to breath well without feeling too hot and sweaty. Although it is rare for me to run with a jacket on. It is good on windy days, it just takes the edge off the chill.
  • Have a breathable waterproof but as Tigerliliy states it is next to useless except in the extremes of winter and then I just wear it over a HH base layer. The rest of the year a windproof over a tech t and a peaked cap is usually sufficient to keep me warm but not necessarily dry! Anyway, this is the UK - we should be used to getting wet by now!
  • Maybe look at a gilet ? Keeps the cold off the chest but at least your arms are out in the open.

    If you think of how damp your running top is after any old run - theres no way that any waterproof jacket would be able to get rid of all that moisture if exposure to air isn't working ?
  • Thanks guys but I did said say it could be impossible.

    Not looking for lightweight or fancy and don't run trails.

    I live in the NW so am used to getting wet just wanted a liitle protection from showers as if out for a long run and expecting rain I wear a full waterproof but if only a quick shower I don't want to be like a boil in the bag meal.

    Sorry a gillet no good as I have very poor circulation to arms and hands. If you see a runner round Preston with short sleeve top and gloves on it will be me


  • OMM Kamleika smock, but where I can I still use a Montaine Featherlite which is really a thin windjacket
  • Quite like the Nike Dri Fit Jackets.

    Never let me down.

  • Don't just dismiss the gilet because of poor circulation! Mine is pretty poor too. I'll quite often be out in t-shirt and gloves. If I don't put gloves on, and it is cold it sometimes takes me about 15 mins after I get back inside before I can bend my arm enough to get my top off. However, windproof gilet, thermal l/s, gloves and shorts are enough to see me through all but the very coldest days (about one per year).
  • use a montane featherlight for lighter stuff.............more windproof than waterproof

    for torrential rain I use my montane atomic..........great stuffimage

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    I respect what experienced fellrunners are saying on this thread and agree it is more important to keep warm than dry.  And if you can move quickly you generate enough heat not to need a jacket.  But if you can't you stand the risk of getting chilled which should be avoided at all costs, especially on long events.

    For up to 3 hours I've been OK in torrential rain in a windproof top (Gore N2S, excellent piece of kit worth its weight in gold) but much more than that then you start feeling miserable.  I would recommend then a waterproof.  I like my OMM Kamleika (newest version) because of the way it stretches and is practically silent but I admit you do get a bit warm in it.  I've also got their Cypher jacket which is superbly breathable - I like eVent fabric, 3 layers and isn't clammy - but my impression is it is more of a walker's jacket and is a little cumbersome to run in.

    But most of the time these jackets stay in the bottom of my pack.

    Only wear bottoms of any kind in deep snow, and sometimes at night.  Otherwise it's shorts.

  • Something windprrof and water resistant if needed I reckon - I have a good Asics lightweight jacket (very think) and also a decent slightly heavier one from Decathlon. All do the job, but no matter what, you want to ditch it after about 20 minutes!

    I am going to try shorts, T-Shirt and the Asics jacket this winter - with a Gore Running Cap (which is vented all over) for when the rain is bouncing - was good in last winter and took at least 30 minutes before it was soaked...even then- a decent shake and it was back on.

    Should say I am in Central Scotland so we get more than our fair share of crappy weather!

  • This looks good too (don't have one and no idea of cost):
  • I have a montaine atomic, it is good but it's often too much in all but the worst conditions. If you undo the cuff flaps and zip a bit now and again it lets a bit of the condensation out and works quite well. Not cheap but hope mine will last me for years - only got it last autumn. Not cheap but an investment!
  • wear a merino wool base under a wind proof jacket. Merino is the only natural fibre that maintains warmth whilst wet! image
  • Yep - I LOVE my Finisterre Merino wool long sleeved top - it's is simply amazing, smells fresh for ages and I never feel cold or hot in it!

  • +1 for Montane Atomic. I only wear it when it's absolutely honking it doon and so far it's up for the job at keeping it out and not too bad at letting sweat out.
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