Online - Training Log / App

What online training logs or calendars are good to use? Simple and user friendly. That may come with Smartphone apps too.

To record current form, traing entries and race results. Perhaps list workouts and nutritian too.

I have used Training Peeks but is too complicated for quick use. Daily mile is nice but no official app and there is no place to add my race results, only traing entries.

Livestrong is awesome info site but no App or Training Tool...

Any suggestions


  • There is no comparison to as far as I am concerned. It doesn't have an app yet though.
  • How did we all function before "apps"??!  image

    +1 for fetch.

  • I dreamed about them - I am so happy we now have them in reality.
  • I recently discovered fetch everyone and have to agree, it's fantastic with very little I'd change (although tracking your diet is quite time consuming because I couldn't find any foods set up in advance, which other sites offer).
  • I log my runs with my Garmin then import it into Sportstrack. You can add runs manually, the front end it good IMO and you can add in your shoes so keep an eye on their milage

  • Another vote for Fetch. As Dean says, it's a little time consuming entering your foods into the log, but once they're in, they're in and you'd be surprised how often you eat the same stuff.

    I also use Garmin Connect, because I am a bit of a statto and GC has one or two little things that Fetch doesn't, and vice versa.
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