Heal pain in a 12 year old

My son has been complaining of heal pain for a few weeks now.  I've taken him to see a podiatrist who can find nothing wrong with his foot.  No swelling or rubbing so I'm taking him to the doctors to ask for an xray to rule out a heel spur.  I was wondering if anyone else's kids ever had bad heel pain and what the likelyhood of a heel spur in a 12 year old is.  My son is quite sporty and walks about a mile each way to and from school.  Interestingly enough he didn't feel pain in the summer holidays when wearing either flip flops or nothing but the podiatrist didn't seem to think his shoes were the cause as they fit properly.  He has quite tight calves as well.  Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.



  • My daughter had somethng that sounds similar..look up ''severs'' It is caused by an inbalance of  the speed of bone and muscle growth and is common in sporty youngsters. We had a gait analysis done , custom orthotics , calf stretches  and problem solved.

    Apparently they grow out of it as muscles and bones get in sync but this may not happen until they are out of puberty. 

    We went to an osteopath  who I have been seeing for years and who does not make hasty decisions regarding expensive orthotics so I trusted her when she advised them straight away.

    Let us know!

  • Hi Sarah

    thanks for that - I'd not heard of Severs before but on reading about it the symptoms sound exactly what my son has  - it's good to know that they grow out of it at least if it doesn't go by itself.

    Thanks once again !

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