2011 for 2011 - week 36

Been easing back on the mileage over the last couple of weeks due to a niggling ankle / achilles - 34.5 miles for this week, making 1454.25 for the year, about 65.75 ahead of target.

Starting to gear up for the next race on the list, the Coventry half marathon in 3 weeks time, so I'm not too stressed about the slightly lower mileage for now. Plus with the Hampshire Road Race league started I'd like to get a few of them ran and get back into the swing of racing.

I just wish the weather would cool off - nothing worse than this humid weather to run in. Looking to do a longish run tomorrow morning but it's going to be 18 degrees at 5am!

Hope everyone else's running / racing / injury recovery is going well.


  • ture ! you can try !

     yeah ,fine!
  • Morning All

    I know what you mean about the humidity Simon just got back from a run, I started out at about 6.50am and it was pretty close then!

    A 41.97 mile week has got my deficit to a manageable 1.11 miles, it was getting up to about 20 miles a few weeks ago which was annoying. So my total for year is now 1392.82 miles.  The miles left on my training log are not looking as scary now at 618 miles.

    I’m going to watch the rugby now.

    Have a great weekend


  • Watching the rugby too - typically frustrating stuff from England!

    I think I sweated off a stone or two this morning on my 14 miler - horrible weather!

  • Also watched the rugby!! First run of double figures since January tomorrow morning, Got my camelbak out to give it an airing and its covered in green mould. New one ordered from wiggle!

    Think i'll skyplus Ireland and get out early.

  • It's great that you got a double figure run in WR! I must check on my camelbak not used it for ages.
  • Hey Richy it's not till tomorrow, will report back if I manage it!! Working this evening but instead of taking part in the usual indian takeaway I had a simple pasta dish, preparing for the morning!!
  • Sorry WR hope it goes well you have done proper prep work in avoiding the takeaway.
  • All the best for tomorrow WR - hope it goes well.
  • I know how you feel about the Achilles Simon, I've had my problem now for around 6 months along with a tight hamstring and recently the knees have started to manefest themselves which usually flare up during XC season.

    I'm now at that wonderful point where tomorrow I start the 3 week taper towards the Mablethorpe Marathon, after what seems months of piling the miles on, although this week I cut the scheduled 56 miles down to 46 as it called for a 10k tune up race which I completed today. This marathon training does affect the middle distance stuff as I am down a couple of minutes on my 10k race times and having to settle for around 44 minutes.

    So all in all I have 1548 miles to date with around 145 in credit, of which some of that will be taken straight after the Marathon for a weeks holiday to recover before hurling myself into a 10k 2 weeks after that and the Birmingham Half Marathon all in October.

  • Morning all, only managed a long run of 8.5 miles in the end, got up watched Ireland match instead of running and then the Wales match instead of running!! So in the end ran 8.5 miles at 9.30 pace. It's amazing that a year ago I considered this a short run!!

    Good luck WR 

  • Oh new camelbak has arrived, no more excuses!!
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