The Farnham Pilgrim, Marathon & Half-Marathon

Hi everybody,

I have been training for a while now to compete in the Pigrim Marathon. Looking for a connection from Southampton to Farnham by train I ended up being quite disappointed as there is none that would arrive on time for the start. Not owning a car, I am unable to join the race!

Is there anybody driving from or close to Southampton I could join? I would be happy to contribute to the fuel cost and returning would be easy by train I guess. 

Can anybody help, please??



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    Mati, try contacting the organisers. You could also try the main forum thread for this event to see if any of the posters there are coming from your direction. Failing that, there's a premier inn at Aldershot (£29 I think) which will put you one stop away on the train. Best of luck
  • You could also jump off the train at Guildford and taxi to the start, though it would be tight (30 minutes to get there and number up)
  • Im in the same boat but im coming up from London, looks like im going to have to give it a miss now
  • Anyone done this before? I did the Canterbury half last week and I am hoping this one is slightly less like the Himalayas!

  • For those of you running on the 16th, i have been running some of the HM & FM course over the past few months, its a fantasic couse, but i did encounter a few rather high stinging nettles on some of the narrower foot paths around Lydling Farm, Hook Lane, Puttenham & around Losely Park. This is not a too much of a problem if you are running in tights, but can be a bit uncomfortable if you are wearing shorts & slows you down a bit. They may cut the nettles back for the 16th, but i thought worth mentioning it, imagesee you all on the 16th!

  • Marathon Rookie it's pretty hilly but cracking views at the top!

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