Breakfast before a Half Marathon



  • My habits are very Spartan. I always run empty and dry.
    This GNR was no different even though it was the first HM
    I had raced. I drank no liquids the morning of the race and
    ate nothing. I made sure I had a good dinner before 8 the night
    before with water to drink no coffee, or coke and certainly no
    alcohol! By the time of the start I had been to the toilet 3 times
    so no risk of needing a leak at mile 6! I saw plenty of people mostly
    men my age sucking back bottles before the race and lots of guys
    my age taking a leak at miles 1 and 2! You get older bladder gets weaker.
    Also when you start running your bladder reflex can get triggered.
    Hence gentle jogging should be part of your warm up
    and some fast strides. I ate a quarter of a high carbon bar right before
    race start another quarter at 6 miles more later. Water wise none till
    mile 7 and that was a just to wet my mouth and at 9-10 I actually
    drank a mouthfulimage
    Like I said Spartan but it works.
  • I have also heard that its good to put on a pound or two in the tapering period to give you good energy storage. For a skinny guy like me that's hard but I try to.always have a good diet. It's the before that counts more than the during.
  • I used to run on an empty stomach but found it just didnt work for me as it gave me bad indigestion so now I eat a bowl of muesli or porridge about 3 hours before hand. Guess you image . However im with you oin the drinking, I barely drink anything before or during a race as I find it just swishes round my tum image .
  • I hydrate and carb up the days before the day, then coffee, honey on toast and some water a couple of hours before the race.
  • i am a porridge with honey person me but i can't eat it if made in a hotel i'm really fussey,so normally
    i get up early & do the unusual thing & have a cooked brekkie
  • Come on Lewis Hamilton!
  • Before Abingdon last year I stayed at a Travelodge which had no breakfast facility at all. I smuggled my toaster in and had a bagel with honey. If you do this make sure you put a bag or something over the smoke detector though to avoid early morning evacuations.

  • I've not tried this, but can you mix powered milk with the instant porridge then add boining water?

  • I think this is how they make oats so simple and the like...
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