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As a newcomer to the concept of running further than 26.2 miles for fun and/or personal achievement I'd like to ask a question .. eventually ..

My current road race pace for marathon is 8 minute miling. Altho I finished relatively strong 26.2 was enough at that pace.
My current trail marathon best is 4:05 and that was with checkpoint stops and following narrative description.
I usually long run at 9-10 min miling average, depending on terrain which is usually trail/xc, hilly and carry a pack whenever possible
I tempo anything up to 10 miles at 730-830 min miling depending if I run at club or solo (the faster pace being with others at club and mostly road)

Here it comes ..

For a race in excess of 50 miles would I train at actual race pace, incorporating walks and breaks? and would my usual long run pace be ok ? should I be training slower and racing faster?

I'm a completer rather than a competer so with regard to ultra I use the term 'race' very lightly image

Sorry for the waffle



  • The slower you run in training the better.  It is all about endurance and spending time on your feet. 

    Do one tempo run each week of six miles or less, but for the rest of your training runs keep it slow. 

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