GNR Transport

Hi Im sure this has been asked before but!!!!

Im running the GNR and i'm staying at a friends house in Gateshead with my wife (who isnt running).

Question:- Is there "organised" transport available for my wife to see me off the get the the finish area then for us to both get back to the start when i've completed the run?


Is there parking available for my wife to drive to the finish and wait for me then drive us both back to the start.

Its my first GNR so im sure others are wondering the same. Other events ive done have been a loop.

Thanks in advance for your advice...
Oh by the way



  • Hi, not sure about buses as we have always parked up and used the Metro system.  We tend to park at South Shields, get the Metro to Gateshead and I run back whilst the hubby has a wander round the shops etc and then catches the Metro back to south shields, can be quite busy  but cheap enough.  I am sure the Great Run website will have info on coaches but would have thought they would need to be booked by now.  Good Luck, have a great run.
  • Yes, its called the Metro! image

    Shields will be gridlocked with taffric for hours after the finish on Sunday afternoon. Would recommend the Metro there for your wife and then again for you both to get out! Its maybe a mile from the Metro to finish area and vice versa.

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