Acid Reflux

Hello there. I am wondering if anyone might have any ideas/pointers about why I am getting some pretty bad acid reflux type reactions?

I haven’t changed my diet at all, but recently in the past two weeks when I have been out for a run I am getting a really bad acid reflux going on in my throat. This is happening even if I am going out on a more or less empty stomach, and isn’t something I have suffered from before.

I have looked at the ‘causes’ – and I don’t eat anything excessively, but more importantly it wasn’t an issue until about 2 or 3 weeks ago.


  • I had bad acid reflux but that was because I was overweight but I doubt that is a problem looking at you avatar! But prior to that the Doc tried loads of stuff like stress being a factor in it, as well as potentially be an ulcer in your stomach? Or a hiatus hernia? Where your food pipe doesn't close properly where it attaches to your stomach and acid splashes through? I even went on tablets to reduce the amount of acid my stomach produced. And my mate got it when he got gall stones!

    Maybe go to the doc because it could be anything as you can see by the list i've just reemed off above and my symtoms was because I was fat and as soon as I lost 5lbs the acid stopped affecting me (I eventually lost 3stone).

    I know deep fried foods and beer tend to bring this sort of stuff on too?

  • Hi Nick - my husband suffered problems like you describe a couple of years ago.  It started off just when he exercised but began to creep into his everyday life as well.

    What caused his problem was an over production of the natural bacteria that lived in his stomach.  He was put on antibiotics and a drug (not sure what it was but began with an "O" ).  The antibiotics were for about 10 days and the other drug for about 3 months.  He's not had problems since.  It is quite common apparently.

  • I did have this and was tested for all sorts of things - including Cancer and an Ulcer - was also put on a drug which began O and have just checked back on my doctors on line record and it doesn't mention it - but having been given the all clear by Docs - from a helath point of view - she recomended losing a stone - I took the advice to heart and started jogging (after a 12 year break) have lost 2.5 stone with another half to go and don't suffer from the reflux anymore -

    But I would certainly see a doctor about it - I was living on anti-acid tablets for a while before I plucked up the courage to go -

  • Righty, thanks for that. I was told that be careful as the acid could damage the oesophogus.

    I dont need to lose weight (well not from a medical perspecitve - but I would like to be a bit lighter) have actually barely drunk this past few weeks as I have been a bit ill. 

    The comment about the hiatus hernia describes it, as it isnt a problem until I sounds like a trip to the Dr unless it stops. However, I did have a bit of a funny tummy last weekend, not upset, but felt wiped out and it was aching - not something I normally have, so perhaps the bacteria could be an issue too.

     Thanks for comments, and any others that may be forthcoming.

  • I get acid reflux when I run if I am properly hungry (weird, I know). Bananas also cause it.

    Definitely worth going to the Doctor. My Dr put me on tablets (I also can't remember what) when it got a bit chronic because it meant that I was more susceptible to throat infections and I kept losing my voice.
  • Omaprazole?

    Hiatus Hernia was what sprung to mind with me, but definitely worth a check with your GP.

  • Thats it Nessie thats what I had - it worked brilliantly stopped it immediately (but losing 2.5 stone has kept it at bay

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