RW Complete Guide to Nutrition

Just wondered if anyone has the Runners World Complete Guide to Nutrition and what they think of it?

(Also ... does anyone have the url that was in this months magazine for the book? I don't have the magazine with me and was thinking of ordering a copy but can't find it on the website?)

Cheers Dave

(having just run the Waseley Wobbley with a belly full of porridge slopping around I think I need to investigate the area of nutrition a little more!)



  • Anita Bean's books are probably a better option.  Try "The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition" or "Food for Fitness".
  • Second the complete guide to sports nutrition.

    Understanding the right volume and timing made a huge difference to my marathon training.
  • Hi Dave,

    I'm thinking of getting it also. Heres the URL

     While trawling hte internet I get bogged down with information so I'm hoping this will be a good 1 stop shop for me. Reading hte above I think I'll check out  The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition as well.

    I have my second 10k this weekend and my first 1/2 marathon in Cardiff in 4 weeks so I need all the added information and help I can muster.

    Good luck with your training.

  • I'm thinking about this for myself - got the flyer on my lap image 

     The URL is:


    Or you can call on: 

    • 0844 848 1601 (quote code: BK63)
  • Well ... I got the runners world book .... but I'll look into 'the complete guide to sports nutrition' too. I was after some recipes that would be good for our sport, and I've tried 4 out of the runners world book already ... 3 were superb ... one was ... hmmmm ... needs work. RW - if you are reading this, 2 people do not need 170gm Quinoa! Also, cooking Quinoa is something I need to work at as I ended up with what was basically salmon porridge ... the only running I did was to the bathroom! (only joking ... it was edible but only just)

    The book is crammed with loads of other nutritional info and very easy to read and dip in and out of, so, I'd recommend it.

    Thanks all for replying and good luck with your HM Shawn

  • I found the Complete Guide To Sports Nutrition very in depth for my needs.

    I too am looking for a one stop shop so will give the RW book a go.

  • After a run, cycle, swim and gym today I cooked the spice sausage spaghetti for dinner. It was fantastic. Thank you R.W. This was the first I've cooked from this book, looking forward to dinner tomorrow already.
  • Brilliant book got early last year really good with lots of quick and easy recipe.

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