Energy gels or jelly babies (or dried fruit)

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Just wondering whether to take a few Sis Go gels with me - or just take some jelly babies which a lot of people seem to do....


  • You need to experiment. I've only tried the locozade Gels. Horrible - don't even fancy trying others now. I'm sticking to Jelly Babies. One every 5minutes after 14miles.
  • Sorry 15W - the answer is which ever suits you best.  As TR says you have to try different things to see what works for you - I throw up on gels image and on energy drinks.  It's jelly babies and water all the way for me! (and only on runs longer than 13 - 14 miles)
  • I don't like gels, plus they make your hands sticky and then you have to deal with an empty wrapper.

    Jelly babies are much nicer, but tend to all get scoffed early on image

    Lucozade glucose tablets are OK, but not so nice that you can't keep some for later in the race.

    Do French races - they provide fruit, dried fruit and bits of cake, along the way image

  • Another vote here for Jelly Babies.  I had about 10 every 6 miles.   Although i did then grab a Gel at mile 24ish, and didn't then need my last bag of Jellys.

    Lucozade tabs are good too......although tend to leave me foaming at the mouth a bit image

  • Try different gels as they are far more convenient. Jelly babies taste nicer but a) carrying them is an issue, and b) having to eat them more frequently than popping a gel will slow you down.

    Lucazade gels are yucky. In fact, no gels are particularly tasty. Sis are ok but they're bulky and you need more of them as they contain half the carbs. Experiment and see what works beat for you.
  • As has been said, you really need to experiment and find what suits you personally. I didn't get on with dried fruit; chewing, breathing and running all at the same time was too much for me. I found jelly beans difficult to handle when I was hot, and they'd got a bit melty in my pocket. Lucozade gels were disgusting, but I settled on SIS blackcurrant and the SIS Go gel, which has caffeine in them.
  • Another vote for SiS Go gel (blackcurrant is my fav if you can call it that) much easier to carry than actual food and you do get used to them - honest. Like Allnew - I struggle to run while chewing but slurping a gel is ok.
  • I did try fruit pastilles once, but they are too chewy - jelly babies chew much more easily image
  • I use Shotz gels. There's various flavours available, some better than others, but all a bit 'gooey'. Still, they are better than jelly babies that bring on a feeling that I'm carrying lead weights around in my guts. Awful stuff.
  • Think I might go with the Sis GO gels- have used before on a couple of 1/2 marathons and had no adverse affects.....will try a couple out on my last long run this weekend.

    I reckon 4 or 5 for a marathon - so going to need that sis belt too.

    Anyway, thanks for your help eveyone - no disrespect to the jellybaby crew.

  • I used jelly babies when I did Dublin. One at every mile marker. Really helped. Only thing is I can't bear the sight of them now!!
  • I really like the SIS Go gels and the ones with the caffeine in are also good! I like the tropical ones. have also been using some on the lucozade jelly beans as i got a load cheap in a jjb closing down sale. the entire packet easily fits into any pocket but they do take quite a long time to chew. But as its marathon training i've been using them for its kept me entertained on route and i'm not running at a pace where i'm gasping for breath.

    i've attempted jelly babies..... however they never even lasted untill i left the house to run image

  • jelly babies are great plus if you are sick on 'em it is quite colourfulimage
  • Wilkie wrote (see)
    I did try fruit pastilles once, but they are too chewy - jelly babies chew much more easily image

    How odd. I had a fruit pastille today and thought these would be good but far too chewey. image

    I might give the SIS Go a go as well then.

  • I've been giving these gels some ponderance (real word, i promise) since deciding to go for a local half marathon. I got given a sample of some cola flavoured energy sweets which i used on my first 10 mile run and they seemed to do quite well but i couldn't help but wonder if kendal mint cake or just any sugar source would be as good!
    I'll try the jelly baby on my next decent sized outing and see how I get on...
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