1/2 M in 2 weeks - lack of prep - help!

I am doing Windsor 1/2 M on 25th Sept, it is my 1st ever 1/2M and training was going really well (last long run was 10k in 1hr 3mins) then had a set back which meant I didn't run for 3 weeks, then went on a weeks holiday, just got back.

Did a nice 5k yesterday just over 30mins, wasn't pushing it just a leg stretch really, and I do feel really good, running is nice and easy....BUT....I've only got up to 10k distance wise, and now I feel I am too near the event to try and do a 10 miler to get some extra miles under my belt.

I am using my own made up logic that if I can do 10k comfortably, then another 5k on top of that won't be too hard, and then the final 5k will probably be hard work but do-able....just..

Am I totally deluded?... I don't want to pull out but I also don't want to b*gger myself up for weeks afterwards.....It's basically fear of the unknown so advice from people who have been there and done that would be great...pleeeeeease

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  • I reckon go for it - just don't go off too fast - set yourself a realistic pace and stick to it - especially over first 10k....if still feel ok for 2nd half maybe you can pick up the pace a bit....

    remember to do lots of stretching and warming up before - maybe a little jog - and loads of stretching after, and quickly get some carbs down you to help your body recover....

    and let us know how you get on.

  • Chlobo wrote (see)
    I am using my own made up logic that if I can do 10k comfortably, then another 5k on top of that won't be too hard, and then the final 5k will probably be hard work but do-able....just.

    That sounds very similar to my logic... image
    But I would advixe a run-walk strategy. You look young and fit in your avatar so I may be being a little over cautious, but you could injure yourself by trying to run more than double what you have before.
    Treat it as a training run, take your time and factor some walking into your schedule.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you I was hoping someone would say that 'just go for it' image

    I have been pacing myself recently by doing a 10k made up of 2 5k laps, so I think I have an ok-ish idea of pace, and if anything i will go a bit slower than I should to begin with, coz i always seem to have quite a good amount left in the tank to finish.

    Will do a full report when it's over image eeeeeke getting excited!
  • @azacaya I think maybe I could do the first 10k then walk for a minute, then go off again as if doing a nice relaxed 5k...then maybe add in a few more 1min walk slots over the final 5k...

    I'm 27yrs and fairly fit as I ride as well, but that's part of the reason I don't want to injure myself because riding come before running to me image

  • nah don't walk - just start off with a slower pace than you've been doing your 10k's.

     have a nice big plate of pasta or rice the night before - and a decent breakfast 2-3 hours before race....and you'll be fine....trust me.....image

  • I agree with the others.. go for it, but start slower and keep going. donot try to increase the mileage in these last weeks too much.

    I have just done a HM and not done enough LSR in training. It hurts, I knew I would have to walk as it was a hilly course, but ended up only running about 5k of it.

    Also worth remembering that as it is a HM that you will probably have mile markers to go by, unless you have a gadget to tell you when 5k is reached. So break it down to 3,6 9 and 12 miles.

  • I'm in a similar sort of position, My longest LSR is 15.5km (which included my best 5km, and 10km times. So much for pacing a LSR!). The two weeks before this one I've had a mare managing to get out training, so only done one run per week.

     The rcae is the Spire HM this Sunday. I have a Wedding the day/night before to go to......

     I'm not epecting much performance wise, but I figure I can cover the distance fairly comfortably if I'm sensible about it....

     (The other thing I'm hoping will help is that I train in a *very* hilly area, but the HM is about as flat as they come....)

  • I should think you'd be okay. I've only ever done one HM and the training I did for it was not nearly enough if you look at recommended training schedules. I was only 21 and pretty fit from being in the University rowing team the previous term but the furthest I'd ever tried to run without stopping was six miles. The HM was in Skye too (where I grew up) so not really the flattest.

    Anyways, I managed to run the whole way in about 1 hour 50-odd and, to my great surprise and delight, got the trophy for "First Local Female" (an incentive to islanders to run alongside the many visiting runners). Hope it goes well for you too!
  • You havent trained enough to run the whole thing even slowly. Windsor is quite hilly so run were you can, walk were you can't. No point in pulling out - it costs a fortune if I remmeber right. It's your first HM, so enjoy it and you'll get a PB anyway.

    Just my 2p

  • Just get on with it and learn something about yourself in the process. I've done a few events where I've been badly undertrained usually as a result of injury in the build up, but each time I've done ok. although I've suffered a little. Don't waste too much energy warming up, just get the blood flowing a little and set off slow, speed up after a few miles and see how you feel. Most important thing to remember when you're undertrained is to keep moving. Stopping and walking/resting too much will give you heavy legs and you'll find it twice as hard, try to keep trotting along at a reduced pace if you're finding it hard and you should be fine.
  • Did mine image in just under 2hrs 20mins. Was more hilly than expected. Just take it slow, real slow, and have fun!
  • I just completed a 10k after coming off four weeks on the couch. The night before, I smoked a number of marlboroughs and drank a lot of beer. I managed a time of 61 minutes. I recon you will surprise yourself on the day and your body will appreciate the challenge!. Just pay attention to the warm up and cool down and you'll do grrrrreat!
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