Middle distance with relay

Hi, as the title says, I'm looking for a middle distance tri around May/June next year that does a relay .. not Bala though as I'm probably going to want to do the full distance for that image


  • Don't know what part of the country you are in but theres

    Trentham Big Half

    Trentham Big Half

    This year was 12th July, no date yet for next year

    Not the best event ever but is a half and do allow relays

  • PP - you could also look at Marshman in Kent and Swashbuckler in Hants - both in May. M'man don't have relay entries though but saying that the organiser is letting 3 of us have a relay - we just happen to be the race refs for the day as well, but will do a leg each. I'm wondering if I can DQ myself!
  • Haha, excellent, which one are you refs at?  I was looking at the Swashbuckler before posting here but like you say there's no mention of relay ... I'll contact the organiser and see if it's possible.

    SA, Trent on is too late being in July, but thanks.

  • we're refs at Marshman - or planned to be at this stage...
  • The Cowman?
  • Excellent, thank you .. now feck off
  • wich shoes wrote (see)
    In this way you can have some quantitative measure of the stuttering...

    WTF?! lol

    Isn't Cowman July too?  .. hmm, but early from what I remember, possibly ... By the way, lovely to meet you on the weekend Schmunks even if it was only fleetingly image

  • What about Slateman?
  • TT, I'd never heard of that one, but looking at it, I bet it's a good one.  Doesn't suit what I'm looking for though, but far.
  • Weymouth? That's beginning of June, is middle distance and looks like they do relay
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