Eurosport Player on my PC

I signed up to the 1 yesr deal for £24 to get EuroSport Player on my desktop before the World Championships in Daegu.  I have found the service to be pretty good and even connected my PC to the TV so we can all watch at home at times.  I thought I would let others know about the player as the Berlin Marathon is live on the 25th of Sept and with Paula running maybe others would be interested. 

Since getting the player I have found myself watching the US Open tennis, mountain biking and even a bit of triathalon.   I noticed the player runs better on IE Explorer than Firefox and wondered if it is due to the player using a Microsoft plugin.  The reviews of the iPad player is not great but would be interested to hear from anyone using the player on the iPad.

Don't shoot me down for advertising the service, I am just trying to be helpful.

Channels: Eurosport HD, British Eurosport 1 and 2 and then the odd extra sport view like the red button on normal TV for snooker etc.


  • Very interesting. We have a Virgin package but if it went tomorrow the channel I would miss the most is Eurosport.
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