what's the best radio

what is the best, smallest, best receiving radio about ? would love peoples advice. thanks


  • Hi Liz,
    I used the Boots personal radio for a while. Very nice sound and good reception but it had a rotary tuning dial and this made it difficult to tune exactly and it used to move when in my pocket!

    I then bought a very cheap (£2-£3) radio that had a push button for tuning. This scans until it finds a strong signal and then stops. If you don't want that station then you press it agan and it scans up until it finds another station. The button is quite small and doesn't get pressed when in my pocket. I wasn't expecting miracles from it as it was so cheap (and small) but I am still using it after 2 1/2 years!

    So I would buy one with scan type tuning and not a rotary knob for tuning. If you don't have pockets then it must be comfortable to hold and waterproof (perhaps).
  • Liz,

    I've used a Philips one for a year or so. It's a bit bigger than say two diskettes glued together if that helps. I usually carry it in my hand unless I have a tight pocket somewhere - otherwise the bouncing annoys me. It has FM and AM and 6 buttons to save your channels to.
    Reception is OK and it was about £20.
    Dunno if it's waterproof though - am I a wimp or just lucky with the weather ?
  • I've just bought a Roberts Sportsman from Comet and will give it its debut run tomorrow. Its got AM/FM/LW and is the size of a pack of cards roughly. It does have dials for tuning and volume though so I'll have to see if that's a problem.
  • Thanks very much for all the advice....will investigate in appropriate outlets today...cougie...you are probably just lucky !!!
  • I use a Roberts Sportsman - works fine - dials are no problem although digital tuning would give better reception. Certainly makes those long runs pass by much quicker - have even found myself laughing out loud which can be a bit embarassing !

    NB, I would think twice before using it along a street.
  • I also use a Roberts Sportsman - carry it in one of those elasticated belts you're supposed to carry packs of squeezy gel stuff in. It's just the right size and the webbing doesn't interfere with the dials so the tuning stays constant and I can access the volume dial with no problem.
    Bad news is that I can't remember which make of squeezy gel belt I've got.
    Sorry guys!
  • I have a Sony SRF-M95. It's got a digital tuner and 20 presets plus auto power off etc. It's smaller than a 10 pack of cigarettes. Costs about 50 quid but is very good
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