advice needed

hi , been having calf problems so went to decathlon to get my gait checked and buy some new trainers,anyway done the test and i over pronate told the guy what trainers i had and he said they were no good for me. so got these kalenjis for £60 thinking that this would 10k on the sunday okish went 4 mile last nite 5 tonight and my calfs are now worse than they was can this be.doing brum hm soon and beginning to pannick about being ready...any ideas 


  • I'd be surprised if a calf issue was directly attributable to over-pronation or the shoes you are wearing.

    You need tro go see a sports physio to have the calf looked at. If its a tear or a bad strain you'll need treatment, rest, Icing and some excercises to sort it - not a new pair of trainers.

    Carry on running on a tear, or do a HM, and you risk long term injury

  • If its an injury its best to see a physio but give it time as most doctors will take pain which has lasted longer then 2 weeks more seriously then those that have suddenly started to flare up.

    Maybe cut down or work in intervals for a while to get used to the trainers, asking your body to just adjust like that at the blink of an eye...unfortunetly though this works excellently for a machine (bike tyres don't work on a grassy road, change to those with more tread and problem solved straight away) being human doesn't work the same way and your body will take time to adjust.

    When your sure the pain has gone and you go back to trying again, take things very slow: watch/listen out for any new pains and try to stay more aware of whats going on in your body, learn whats good and bad pain and how far you can take it before it results in no come-back when you stop (or even no pain at all when you run!).

  • hi there,went back to decathlon had gait checked again by someone else and ended swopping the kalenjis for some asics nimbus 13s.rested calf for a week went out last night and calfs where alot better so im happy..  thanks for the advice
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