Angry people.

We all get grumpy from time to time, lack of sleep, crap running time or whatever but how come some people are always grumpy bordering on plain nasty?

 Have a customer like that sadly and i would love to know what makes him that way.

Sad really.


  • Ask him. I once asked a GP why he became one - he didn't seem to give a shit. He asked why I wanted to know, so I told him I was just curious because he always seems like such a miserable bastard who doesn't care about patient health. He shrugged, and I found a different GP who was much better - mildy sarcastic with a hatred of health insurance companies.
  • Some people can come across as grumpy because they have other things on their mind - they or a loved one may be ill, they may have money worries, be being bullied, or any number of things.

    Some people, however, just seem to like being grumpy.  Or think it makes them more interesting.

    100 grumpy people, probably 50+ different reasons..................

  • i could ask the bloke if he has issues but as he is a customer might not be the best of things.

  • I went through a stage of being very grumpy when I was suffering with PF (before I was a runner and didn't know about private treatment etc).  I was in constant pain.  it hurt to stand up.  It hurt to sit down.  I was only comfortable standing on one leg, but couldn't keep that up for very long.

    When I saw the podiatrist the pain releaf was tremendous and people started to comment on how I was a much nicer person.

    Constant pain that you think you can do nothing about is difficult to deal with.  It wears you down and it never lets up.  Maybe your customer has something like this.

    Or maybe he just enjoys being miserable.  I know some people who seem to constantly chose the option that causes them the most distress and I think they secretly like it.

  • the best thing you can do when seeing a grumpy miserable person is smile and say have a good day, believe they will totally appreciate someone giving a shit and reminding them its not all bad!

    I have been grumpy for a while (lots of worry about basically everything) and it really helped me one day when a complete stranger smiled at me, it showed that some people do care and it restored my faith on individuals.

  • This customer may not be grumpy all the time. It maybe that they just don't like you so appear grumpy all the time in your presence.
  • Agree wit SuperCaz that constant pain can have that effect...........

    My eldest son was born angry......(maybe he was disappointed to find out that I was his mother)............he has learned over the years many anger controlling techniques...........

  • The chap comes across rude but perhaps it seems like that.  Who knows.

    One think that keep me from being frumpy is running.  a pants day at work and a long run in the evening sorts it all out.   But thats just me.image

  • MrGFB can sometimes look like he's grumpy - but the truth is he suffers from awful tinnitus and he's constantly straining to hear what people are saying...image
  • For me its generally the wife that does it.

    Its the way she breathes.

  • i sub contract to a local builder doing all his joinery work for this guy has got everything in the world to make him happy ie great wife and kids,lovely big house,nice car,thriving business which i dare say  makes him a  nice few quid yet he is the grumpiest most miserable human being i have ever set eyes on.

    i think in all the years i have known him i cant recall seeing him smile or laugh and he always seems to be complaining about something .

    just goes to showw that having the so called "perfect life" dosent always make you happy


  • I used to be really grumpy - I think it was the stress of being very unhappy at work that did it. I changed jobs and the difference was noted by everyone that knows me - the commented on the fact that I was smiling and that I looked younger/so much better etc.
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