Hello from a Newbie

Hello all, I have lurked in this section for a number of months and have quite often typed an intro, only to scrap it and continue to lurk.

I'm not shy or standoffish, just cautious lol.  I was in the Royal Navy for many more years than I can remember and usually kept myself in reasonable shape, however, due to being almost permenantly at sea I never had the opportunity to explore or set my own boundaries.  I left a few years ago and basically just drifted around, toying with different, pretty sedate outdoor type persuits, none of which really rang my bell.

I started running in March of this year at the age of 49 to shift some weight.  That has just continued and led me down the path which has long fascinated me, although I thought my age would also work against me.  My gains in strength and speed, whilst still modest, have been enough to give me encouragement that I could give triathlon a whirl and that I would have nothing to loose.  Basically, in terms of fitness and self esteem, it's win win.

So I have just joined my local tri club with the aim of competing at tri endurance distances, starting with a couple of 1/2 ironmans next year.  This year I've been working with my local running club, training and competing at 10k road races and 1/2 marathons. I'm currently training for the Dublin city marathon and I'm also putting my efforts into gaining strength on the bike.  I had never really owned a decent bike before, but I accidentally bought a lady's Trek 1.2 off Gumtree so decided to stick with it for nowimage .  The swimming part holds no particular fear for me as I have always been a half decent swimmer, although I'll never be a leading from the front standard.

I have tinkered with attempting the Outlaw 2012, however, I have a pretty clear idea what I am trying to achieve and the potential for injury by biting off too much too early.  That is why I'll start with the Northern Irish 1/2 Ireman and perhaps another 1/2 over here.

My question is would it be acceptable to put my name down for a cycling jacket in the very likely event that I will run a couple of events under the pirate flag, or should I wait until I have run those events under my own colours.  I don't want to feel disloyal to my new tri club by signing up to piracy at this early stage.

Once again hello to all, and I look forward to asking questions and taking your advice.



  • order the jacket, enter the Outlaw....... JFDI

    Welcome by the way

  • Welcome!

    Well, you're possibly a bit fitter than many who poke their head above the pirate parapet, but you've admitted to riding a girly bike so you seem to have the requisite brain cell reduction requirements!

    As you probably know if you've lurked, there are no members and no rules, anyone can buy any kit, call themselves a pirate etc. Being a pirate and tri-ing in pirate colours mean different things to different people. To me, being a pirate is about being, or aspiring to be, an Ironman (other tri distances are available) though I know that to others it is not so linked to Ironman.

    I've raced in Pirate colours from the outset 2 yrs ago, and justified it to myself that I was on the road to doing an IM, and I'd save on the cost of kit by only buying pirate stuff!

    Until I did my first IM, I never considered myself anything more than a wannabe Pirate, and held off getting the Pirate badge by my RW until I did my IM. Now I've done it I'm not fussed about the badge (but I did put an M dot in my name so I guess I am still a bit of an IM tart!)

    So buy the jacket, wear it with pride, support and take the piss and dont take this forum too seriously, and you'll do fine!

    Oh, and enter Outlaw 2012! image
  • You can swim? Bloody hell, a pro!image 
  • OK I have been lurking enough and chewing this over in my mind all day. 

    I watched the you tube vids, read through a few old IM posts,  took my dogs out for several walks, thought some more and have decided to JFDI (didn't even know what that meant until ten minutes ago.).

    This statement below pretty much nailed it for me:

    <div align="left">What PSoF is... ...is a group of people that want something, work hard (despite popular misconception) and achieve it.

    Cap'n Candy’s original argument – one that still causes raised eyebrows among 'serious triathletes' – was that non-cyclist, non-swimmers with a bit of running experience could train to do an Ironman in as little as nine months. And he was proved right.

    At the last count there were more than 100 pirate Ironman finishers, of which more than 50 people did their first one in less than a year.

    That fitted me, so it must be my calling.  I will add my name to Outlaw 2012 and pay next month when my wages go in to top my funds back up after comitting to the kit.

    I haven't a pirate name as yet, but I have gathered that I won't get to pick it myself anywayimage.  I won't get to meet anyone until Outlaw, but I'll be working to get inside that 9 month marker.  Dublin marathon first and my 20 mile training run to start thinking about tomorrow morning.

  • Depend whereabouts you are .... we have some Irish contingents!!

    and yes, a name ... feel free to make suggestions but be prepared to have it changed if its not deemed suitable   image

    You need to speak to Mr Dicko, he's new as well  ...!!
  • Ah yes I'm new also and have had some good suggestions for my pirate name which was to be expected image
  • I thought about supplying an anagram Robert, but it would probably get ignored so I'll sit and wait for something to come along. 

    The second part of your forum name was just begging to be toyed around with........image

  • Any suggestions on how to acquire ladies kit for a new pirate?
  • Les boules ....  you'll have to do better than that!!!
  • davepatt wrote (see)

    I thought about supplying an anagram Robert, but it would probably get ignored so I'll sit and wait for something to come along. 

    How about 'Vetoed Spartan', Dave?

    Edited to add - Renovated past? Advent Seaport?

  • You beat me to it Schmunkee, I was struggling with an anagram of the full name. 

  • T'is easy when you use an anagram solver off t'interweb image
  • hey peppermint.... (as in patty - I used to like snoopy)...

    only a monaco, (the tri top) is mandatory, (otherwise how can anyone know you are a pirate...) The kit waiting list can take a while so best ge your name on that asap....

    and later on, buy a personalised t-shirt etc for pre / post race mooching.

    oh and by the way, welcome!
  • O.rangeCannon - no es un club de tejido de punto wrote (see)
    The kit waiting list can take a while so best ge your name on that asap....

    Negotiations are taking place as we speak OC

    Talking of kit OC, you should have some PMs for you and The Missus

  • Thanks for the welcome everyone.  Although I'm pretty happy with my own nameimage, it might help with a new pirate one if I give you some info about me.

    As already divulged, I am an ex-RN matelot (1979-2002).  I love my dogs (2 whippets and 2 dobermanns),  I live on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland.  The anagram of my name has been supplied by Schmunkee.  I liked the spartan one, but there already is a spartan so I'll take the next decent suggestion....

  • M....eldy, how do I need to do better? How can I prove my worthiness to don the pirate jersey?
  • davepatt wrote (see)

     I'll take the next decent suggestion....

    Never adapts to?
  • There's 'rodent' and 'dearest' in there, but can't make anything out of the remaing letters
  • Les boules wrote (see)
    M....eldy, how do I need to do better? How can I prove my worthiness to don the pirate jersey?
    An introduction would be a start ?  image    What makes you want to 'join'?
  • Well, I think davepatt looks a bit like a cross between Arnie & Trigger, so Arger or Trinnie?

    Though I still feel a bit guilty about Gladys.....
  • Exactly how did Gladys get his name and why?  It took me ages to work out what he was previously known as.

  • Would that be my tribute to Pete Postlethwaite in my avatar.  Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill is a bit of a mouthfull though and I'd be way too finger lazy to type it out.
  • There's more than one Spartan, But only one Spartacus
  • Davepatt welcome mate..........how about whippitkwik  image
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    There's more than one Spartan, But only one Spartacus

    Vetoed Spartan it is, then (which is ironic because it has been sanctioned rather than vetoed image)

  • I could think of a few names for a matelot ... most not printable   image

  • There is a thread somewhere (can't remember which one) but Gladys was AliAird and I think I said it sounded like Gladioli, which rapidly became Gladys.

    Who's Sergeant Oh But I Aches Well?
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