Pirate Caps and Buffs



  • Buff arrived this afternoon image


    Ta muchly
  • Hi schmunkee thank for the swim cap nice one.

  • My buff has arrived. It is a thing of beauty image. Ta very much, Schmunks image

  • Schmunks, I'm in love with you.

    You put in so much work that your praises need singing from the highest branch. I've done club kit stuff before and it's a PITA. I would vote for you as Forumite of the year.

    BTW, thanks for the Pirate swim cap and Polar Buff, they are (to quote a young teen) Sick. Or was it Bad? Whatever, I'm looking forward to wearing them in anger.

  • schmunks - my buff has arrived, thanksimage just the thing to make me get out on a freezing day like today

  • Mine was used today on the bike too. Very happy.

  • Schmunkee - if there are any winter buffs left, can I order one, please? 

  • Yes there is image

    I was going to post anyway as I only have 5 left (4 if you have one) and it would be good to sell them all this winter.

    I will mail you at the email address you gave to the kit fairy

  • Done, and paid - thanks muchly 

  • Thanks for the polar buff arrived intodays post STLFAIRY, star got in on as ran to town to the bank.....thanks for your great service...image

  • Just call me Schmunks image

  • It is really cold today.. may I please have a winter buff Schmunks? I'm currently defrosting my fingers at my desk. Brrr.
  • ACoops - you gave email from the Kit Fairy
  • And the List Fairy has been paid. Thanks again!
  • And the buff is packaged and ready to go (as of 5.30pm this evening) image.  It might not be posted til Thursday thought as the local Post Office shuts early on a Wednesday

  • I am sorry (or should that be pleased) to say that I no longer have any swim caps or buffs in stock.

    When there is sufficient interest, I will be more than happy to put through another order

    Until then........

    *turns shop sign to 'closed', turns off the light, and locks the shop door*
  • Just arrived home from my trip to find a nice new Buff waiting in the box! Thank you shop keeper Schmunks!
  • My buff arrived this morning!!! Thanks Schmunks - i love it image Will wear it on my run in the am! Now to decide which style to wear it in tomorrow image

  • Erm, where has it been? It was posted aaaaaaaages ago
  • good job Schmunks - I imagine it's a bit of a brute of a job doing all these kit orders.  You win the prize for Pirate Quartermaster hands down.

  • Schmunkee - no idea - i have been checking the mail regularly and it turned up image Thanks for being ships quartermaster - you rock! image 

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