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Hi all, I'm looking to get a ballot place in london 2012, I've entered 3 marathons previously:
Oct 2009-Snowdonia- 4:12,-25mpw.
May 2010- Chester - 3:35,-40mpw.
Apr 2011 -Llannelli -DNF,- 55mpw. Collapsed at 24.0mile sign 2:44 in, heat exhaustion,very hot day I thought, bang on for 2:58,never mind, a good training run I suppose)
Several valuable lessons were learned that day.
1)- on a hot day take more than plane water, ie hydration tablets in hindsight nuun tablets or similar would probably would of got me through that last 2.1 mile in the the 16 mins left to 3 hour target time.
2)- in training do more long runs on relentless flat miles rather than terrain which was vastly different on fells or cross country type long runs with sets of steps in the middle which blatantly took me over lactate threshold with 2 hours still to go on some runs.
3)- I'd secondly want to start training at a faster weight for efficiency rather than 12st at Llannelli. I have since got down to 10st 12lbs and am able to race much faster in all distances .
What are other peoples thoughts on any of that/or experience.


  • What does ture mean? Sorry.
  • My thoughts Andy...? Keep going. Read some running books.

    Going 'over LT' is an interesting phrase - it's no big deal to go into oxygen deby in the middle of a long run, as long as you ease back the pace and recover to a sustainable rate of fuel burn. Good luck, TD.

  • Hi td a few weeks ago I received a nice new book (pete pfitzinger and scott douglas- advanced marathoning) for the the last four weeks ive been doing the endurance week 65-70 mile which is about 25mpw more than I'm used to but yesterday took the 10k pb down from 36:54 to 34:51 and feel so much stronger for the extra miles. This approach really seems to be working well for me. Just need to get a 75min half at conwy on 20th Nov because I got rejected from ballot. So need a champ place now.
  • Nice running.

    I like Pfitz and Douglas. If you pull off a sub 1`15 you will be on track for  a 2`40 or just below.

  • Pfitz and douglas are workin really well for me, but I just dont have the confidence right now to try a 2:40 - 2:50 attempt, but hopefully with 6months of 70mpw in the legs it will be there for the taking. image
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