New Forest Middle Distance Tri

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Anyone else ? or is it just me ?


  • might just be you then! If anyone wants my place cheap (ish image ) I'll see if I can still get it officilly transferred. Its this Sunday folks - 25th Sept - been long sold out as its so good!
  • TC - while you are here - I was reffing at Henley on Sunday and when you (eventually) came into T1 after floating your way around the swim image I have to ask, what the feck did you have stuffed down the front of your jacket?? you looked like a reverse Hunchback of Notre Dame!
  • I cant fit a saddle bag onto the weird seat post of the Plasma. If I have stuff in my rear pockets, anything pressing onto your back I find eventually gives you backache there on a long ride. So I have a bag I dangle round my neck and hanging down my front, you dont even notice its there. So as well as spare tubes and mini pump etc, I had gloves and anything else I fancy stuffing down there. Malt loaf etc. If your bike jersey or trisuit is even only moderately tight fitting, stuff doesnt fall down much at all. Works a treat. Within 1 mile I stopped to put my winter gloves on I was so bolluxed with being cold :x , and was so out of sorts I was cannon fodder for over an hour until the sun popped out. Then I got a fuppin puncture ffs. Hey ho, even I cant win em all.

    Yup my swim was comically bad even by my standards, and I had two attempts at starting and was late for both - dont ask!! Then T1 was a wipeout due to cold hands again. Thanks for your support in T1 lol.
  • ah - explains. it just made you an even more unusual shape than you are... image

    yes - we did see the swim start attempts as well..... certainly made us refs smile... image
  • hmm, best copy this to the main thread its so numpT hilarious:

    I was 2 mins late for wave 1 start. If it hadnt been so misty I might have seen which way they swam. Buga nose why, but when I got to the start line, I had it in my head we swam the opposite direction. I wonder how far I would have got if a canoe hadnt tapped me up after 2-3 mins ffs. So I dashed straight out and went back to the swim start pontoon.

    fair play to Just Racing and StuSteele, I advised the swim director of my c0ck up, she asked if I simply wanted to go with Wave 2 and just took my number into her head. My results were spot on. Wave 2 went just as I got into the water, so I lost another minute or so, and the swim was even more lonely than usual.

    Didnt think the water was that cold or quality at all bad, but it took me 1h31 ffs, and I had done 5 mins before that,so even tho I was warm before I started the swim, I dunno as I was OK at IM Wales, but like many others that was it, I was too cold to function properly after that. Even tho the air temp was relatively low, I'm surprised it had such an immediate effect on me, and I wore a bike jersey under my wetsuit, and had a bit of vaseline on my chest, and a thick neoprene gimp hat for the swim.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Just me indeed then !

    TC - I saw your post about Thames Tummy, thats a shame. Richard Iles might let you defer your entry until next yr, esp as you are a decent supporter of RNF events.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    was indeed just me, although a nice friendly young lady de-lurked to say hi !

    special thanks to Doozer, for standing at the point on the run course where I took a left instead of a right last year ensuring that this time I only ran the required distance instead of tagging a bit more on too.

  • Good to see the threat of DQ for cutting the corner at Frogham was upheld.  7 people in total, including the first placed person, who would have won by 31 minutes.  Just goes to show how important it is to obey safety rules.
  • De-lurking to say hi TR - hope you had a good day and got the time you were hoping for yesterday. Thanks for being friendly to a random slightly hyper girlie when you had no idea who I was ! You were probably just wanting to focus on your race at that point.

    Had a great day out  myself - 44 mins off last years time and my chum who I persuaded to come along too had a cracking race considering it was her first time doing anything longer than an oly. She's now worringly enthusiastic about us both entering Outlaw for next year. 

     Big decision to DQ that guy who would have won but credit to the marshall at Frogham for doing his job.  It's beyond me why anyone cut that corner - it wasn't as if it was a question of picking a good line to keep  speed up (well I didn't have much at that point anyway). I'm just glad there wasn't a marshall listening to me shouting expletives to the two car drivers who decided to do an emergency stop in front of me to turn into the car park at the Fighting Cocks. 


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    It was a nice gesture for you to say hi, I'm happy to say hello.

    Glad you had a good day out, its a great race. I didnt have to stop for cars suddenly, but I did encounter ponies, sheep, donkeys, pigs and cattle that though they own the road ! In fact they do round that way !  I struggled a bit y'day but was only 7 minute slower than the target I had set myself.

    Every yr they say they will DQ folks that cut right had corners (and dont) so I'm pleased they upheld the threats y'day. Shame they didnt see a couple of runners take a more direct path (than the path) too, which only shaved a few seconds off for them, and I made sure that I still beat em !

  • We went to ride the bike course last month and there were ponies and cows standing in the road what felt like every mile. And two piglets ran right across us in Landford grinning like it was some kind of dare. Yesterday was slightly better from a creature in the way point of view though I narrowly missed the pointy end of a highland cattle horn and a very big sow got very grumpy when I ran past her piglets.

    RNF do a good show. You ever done Swashbuckler ? Thinking of that one instead for next year.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Yes I’ve done the Swash. The course is much flatter and therefore a fair bit easier, but the swim is at the mercy of the current in the river which can be quite bad. Lots more pirates do the Swash. The bike course is no-where near as beautiful as y’days though, and more of the run is on the road than off-road. I’m not doing next yrs Swash as its only 3 weeks after VLM.

  • And of course the Swash is perfect early season prep for Outlaw.  image

    That's what I did this year, anyway.  Probably not next year through, for the same reason as TR.

  • IM in for the Swashb next year again, didnt notice any currents on the swim???
  • It wasn't so bad this year, last year was worse - decent swimmers didn't suffer much but the, er, less efficient swimmers took a lot longer than planned, over 20 minutes extra for the slowest guys, which over 1900m is a lot! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    In 2010 the current was pretty bad, this May it wasnt so bad. In the Bucklers Revenge a few weeks ago the current was even worse than May 2010, some folks were even in the shallows trying to walk it !
  • Current lottery sounds entertaining. Was out of the water in 38 mins on sunday so I'm guessing I'd probably be ok for the Swash unless it was really bad on the day ? Funny how things change - when I entered last years NF middle distance I couldn't swim front crawl, now I do better at that relatively speaking than the run which is what I'd done for years. Hey ho.

     Point taken re Outlaw prep. There is now an air of inevitability about next year I fear. One friend who came to watch on sunday has come up with a very convincing argument as to why it would be madness not to do it. I suspect she may have been separated at birth from one of you piratey types.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I must have been out of the water in about that time too, my split inc T1 was 41mins. So I was mid pack, but I'm further back in the Swash swim. I guess I caught you somewhere on the bike or run.........unless you chicked me !
  • I was probably 20 seconds after you out of T1 but you were in no danger of being caught on the bike and even less on the run !! I trotted over the finishing line in 6:42. Not amazing I know but I was right chuffed and enjoyed a pint of Old Smug on the back of it.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    You had a 10min head start on me, so I must have passed you somewhere along the way. the pint sounds nice !
  • Were you in a pirate top ? Suprised I didn't see you go past. You must have been quick.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I had a pirate top on, but I'm not so fast that you cant see me !
  • You probably mistook him for one of those cows in the road image
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