i only ever seem to use this forum to ask questions and be quite selfish, but i have actually found a solution to a long term problem.

nipple bleed!! i suffer awful with this and as a large built fella, anything over 5 miles id get a chafe and then the pain and then the bleed everytime...for years id try every remedy and now i have perfected it.

firstly liberally use anti chafe balm and cover all the nipples...this seems to dry them.
next cover this with niplasters (bought both on ebay).

anti chafe alone does me till 13-14 miles and then the pain begins.
nipplasters around 10 miles until the sweat makes them fall off.

both together though is a revelation...i ran 20 miles (go me!! longest ever today with no issue at all) and thats followed 12, 14 and 15 in recent weeks.

over the moon with it so thought i would pass this info on......


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