Endurance Life - AVOID

If you are considering doing one of their events then please read this carefully.

Not satisfied with charging large amounts of money for their events, a participant in the recent Coast2Coast event entered as a solo athlete and was royally screwed by EnduranceLife.

He reached all the check points inside the allocated cut off times.

Endurance Life stopped him from completing the course because it was getting dark and solo entrants were not permitted to go on alone in the dark!

Presumably this was a health and safety excuse.... but why so badly managed? Not fair, not professional, not acceptable.

Yet another example of obvious event format changes to allow the staff to concentrate athlete flows which saves on time and event costs... sadly, the final dregs of quality evaporate as well.

Full refund in order, but pigs don't fly.....


  • The first half of your second paragraph covers why I don't do this sort of event.
  • No the real truth is that your afraid of the dark isn't it Wilkie....image
  • Damn!...... 
  • I have never been in an event where I have been prevented from continuing as a lone paricipant providing I reach the check points within the given times.  I know I carry on at my own risk and would be furious if I found out about this rule before the event, let along during the event itself.
  • Was it adverse weather ? Cut off times may be OK for a decent day, but if its dull and wet - darkness falls earlier ?

    Bummer for your mate not to finish. Were there no pairs he could have teamed up with ?
  • was there any mention of this in the literature prior to the event....................

    if not I would be well pissed off.............

  • No mention in the literature. No adverse weather. No pairs to team up with.
  • then the event shouldn't be open to solo runners.....not sure why its ok for solo runners in the light but not the dark........image

  • Pretty common for LDWA events (Fellsman is one example) to group entrants for safety purposes. It should have been mentioned in the paperwork though.


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  • The LDWA events I've taken part in have only advised me to try and meet up with other participants for the overnight sections - not had it made a condition - although I can quite see the point if you are going to be in a really isolated area.- (fens, moorland etc.)
  • Not done this race - but I have done the RatRace organised Scotland Coast to Coast Race. That is well organised with clear cut offs and its an option of one or two days to finish. I'd recommend that one.
  • i went on the website and couldn't find any trace of any info about running on your own.........

    out of interest why is running on your own considered too dangerous at night than in the day..........

    at night you have a good headtorch to see your way.............

    you can get lost or injured or ill in the day the same as you can at night..........not sure where the difference in perceived danger is

  • its obvious, werewolves innit.
  • safer solo if your teammate turns out to be a werewolfimage
  • one way of looking at it, although I think the more prudent approach would be to take the correct precautions to ascertain that your running mate was not a werewolf.
  • Wow suprised by this, did the 'extreme' version a couple of years ago, it was a great event. Finished in the dark and was at the sharp end, in fact I am not sure anyone would have finished in daylight maybe the first couple. Also started in the dark (01:00 in the morning), maybe the race format has changed but agree if cut-offs were made then seems a very strange decision....

  • i did ths race and i think they're talking about the kayak part. it wasn't mentioned until the night before that if you reached the start of the kayak on or near dark then you would be required to buddy up. i started the kayak in the light, on my own but it was certainly very dark by the time i finished it, so what's the difference? i was a bit "lost" at one point then two better kayakers overtook me so i was able to follow them to get back on the right track. i agree that we should have had more warning about this. also we started about 30 min late which could have made a difference later in the day. it's a good race but the organisers need to give a bit more thought to some aspects eg. a hot drink at the finish of the kayak.

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