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I am trying to find out more information on baby joggers and hope someone can help. I want a single jogger which I can run with 2-3 times a week on pavements and woodland paths. I'm not particularly fast - can do a 10k in just under a hour (before I had my son!)

From the research i have done, I know that the baby jogger performance is the best one to get but it is way more than I can pay and they are going for £250+ on ebay as they are few and far between. I have been looking for baby jogger II's on eBay and gumtree/preloved but there aren't many of those about and they are not cheap either.

I have been told that the out and about nipper sport might be worth looking at (£200ish new) and that I can use it from 3 months for running. I have also found a baby jogger q series on gumtree but I'm not sure when I could use that from or any reviews from people who've used it for running. My son is currently 3.5 months old but was a month early (so is 2.5 months corrected). He has reasonable head control but not full head control yet. Any advice gratefully received!


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    I've run with Little Miss W in a Quinny Speedi.  She's still too little to go in the buggy seat but the car seat clips onto it so she rides in that.  It's not as good as a BabyJogger but works fine for me.  I used it for the first time when she was about 6 months but with the car seat I probably could have used it a bit earlier.  It can be very bouncy on some surfaces, particularly gravel, and that might be a problem for a baby without good head control.

    The key things to look for are a hand brake, pneumatic tyres, a lockable front wheel (so it doesn't swivel) and an adjustable handle.

    Of course, if you're really serious about your running then this is what you need image

  • I'm interested in this too.  Pugsley Jr is just coming up for 5months but every pram i try I crack my shins off of some part of the structure.

     So I am wondering if I am doing it wrong.  Do you push the buggy ahead to create some leg space or just run normally (and maybe I am striding too far)?  Would love to work this one out as it would make life much easier at home if I could multitask.

  • I use the Nipper Sport and can't fault it.  I was really interested in the BJ Performance but it was too pricey.  Besides I can also use the Nipper Sport for off road walking too so it gets plenty of use.  I used it with my son from 5 weeks but only on he smoothest pavements.  He's now nearly 7 months and I am thinking about a spring marathon and some of the training will be with the buggy.  I really love it and have been so impressed with it.

    I run one handed with it either to the side if I am striding out a bit or behind it.  I have bumped myself on it (yet).

  • I've been advised to get the Bugaboo Cameleon as I love woodland running and apparently it has a great suspension. Thankfully the in-laws are buying it for us as it's horrificly expensive!!
  • *havent* bumped myself!
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭

    Sorry its taken me ages to get back to this. I had ordered a nipper sport but the company has just come back to me to say its the end of the line and they haven't got any more. There is a new version coming out later on this month but of course its more expensive. I'm watching a secondhand nipper sport on ebay at the moment but if that doesn't come to anything I think I may have to wait and buy the version 2. For those of you who are interested, it has an adjustable handlebar (version 1 was fixed) and apparently you can fix a car seat to it with adaptors. I guess that might mean the resale value will be better.

    Kirrie - we have the bugaboo cameleon but I wouldn't use it for running. For a start off its a 4 wheeler whereas almost all the buggies recommended for running are 3 wheelers (with the front wheel fixed). You would also need to buy the snow wheels as the front wheels are tiny.

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