Bike Advice - Is this a Good Bike for the money

I'm sure you guys get sick of being asked, but I'm a novice about to part with some serious cash!!

I've decided to upgrade from my trusty hybrid to a road bike. Its very technical and a bit bewildering to be honest!

The bike shop tell me this is a good deal on a good bike.

I am a girl, and it's a blokes bike, apart from maybe some saddle issues image, I cant see that being a problem. They are getting a smaller model in to see if it fits me correctly.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated image


  • yep - good bike. as long as it fits correctly it won't disappoint.

    as for it being a bloke's bike - many ladies prefer the setup of a bloke's bike compared to a women specific version. you can fettle the setup to suit you

  • What he said image

    If it fits properly then it's a good deal.  If it doesn't then it's a waste of money.  Don't be afraid to ask them to make adjustments if it's close but not quite right.  With a discounted bike in Evans you are likely to have to pay if you want to swap components such as the stem but it will be worth it to get the fit right.

  • Thanks, that's good to hear.

    It sounded good, but you never know if sales people are telling you the truth.

  • Any 2k bike is going to be good - not sure I'd pay 2k for that but with £500 off it's starting to look reasonable - Ultegra is a good groupset and it's mostly full Ultegra except the brakes .   The tyres are dead cheap on it - £6.50 each at Ribble - they may be hard wearing but the bike will feel nicer if you stick some race tyres on it.  

    I have no idea about the wheels which are quite important on a bike - quite often bike companies skimp on the wheels but I'm not saying that's the case here - but it could be.   

    The gearing looks suitable for someone just getting into riding road bikes so that's a plus.  

    In short on paper it looks OK and if it fits - which is the big if - I'm sure it'll be OK - they do do a women specific bike though so that may be better though it's got a slightly lower spec.  

  • The guy in the shop seemed to stress the Ultegra group set as a selling point. Interesting what you've said about the tyres though, I may tackle them about that.

    As said, it's all going to come down to fit.

    Interesting what you've said about gears popsider, because I live in a quite hilly area, and I have been a bit concerned that by switching to a road bike, I may get less "help" from my gears getting up the big hills, sounds as if I should be ok.


  • that bike has an Ultegra compact setup with a nice spread at the rear cassette - that should be fine for you and get you up most hills as pops says. sure, you'll probably get less help than your hybrid setup on hills but train hard and it will get easier.
  • I wouldn't worry about the cheap tyres either - I'm sure they are hard wearing and you can use them through Winter.     

  • Yeah get decent tyres next spring maybe. It'll give the bike a little boost too.
  • That is really quite friendy gearing. Pop wheelies on the 28!
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