Recommended Races



  • June

    Go west for the Magic Roundabout at Hay on Wye. 10k, off road, hilly, but not too hilly. Great atmosphere and great cakes. It is the same week as the Literary Festival, so you can be cultural too.


    Anticipating, really, but the first running of the Basingstoke half mara is this weekend. The route looks great. Scenic, with a bit of climbing, but only 160ish metres.


    If you want a bit of a challenge, the Hay Hill Raiser (Hay again!) is 11 and a bit miles long with over 400m of ascent and you get to see Lord Hereford's Knob!


    Come up to Ludlow for the Mortimer Forest hill run. 10 miles off road, and if you like hills, you'll love this! (But I would say that, wouldn't I?) A real toughy.

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