Come on mate, tell your Missus to get on with it.
Present status please.
Got a really busy day, so won't be able to join in the japery this afternoon.
Sorry chaps.


  • Barkles I see you have escaped from our clutches. Well its just as well, as I've just had a phone call from the County education Officer - they are looking for you!!!!

    Have a good day in the real world!
  • Ok Barkles, can you bring something for 'Show and Tell' next time you visit us!
  • Barkles

    Thanks for asking. No sign of the little chap yet, although the midwives say he's as low down and engaged as he's ever going to get without actually popping out. Ladywife has been reporting "pressure" down below, so fingers crossed for this weekend as she'd rather he was out than in. Me too.

    We've completed our 4.5-year-old's crash course in how to change nappies and the 20-month-old is finally showing some interest in getting off her @rse and walking. So we're ready to rumble.

  • Neilruns - sorry for hijacking your thread. Very best of luck for the birth. Hope you have the lucozade sport (or the glucoze tablets are good) ready for the ladywife in her hour of need. And hope that you and all the Runs family enjoy this really special time ahead.
  • If there's anything we can do to help... we're very good at nappy changing!
  • I hope for your wifes sake, we are hearing about the safe arrival very soon!
  • Are you STILL waiting NR?
    Update please.
    Got yer sarnies ready?
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