Eden Project Marathon/Half-Marathon 2011

I (and a few friends) are heading down to Cornwall next month to take part in the Eden Project Half-Marathon. I've read plenty of good reviews about the event and am led to believe its quite a challenging course. It'll be my last competitive event before NYC Marathon in November, but for a couple of the chaps, it'll be their first half-marathon.

Anybody else done this in the past and willing to give a few opinions/tips?
Or anybody else signed up for this year?


  • I've run the hm course as a training run and I ran the first full marathon.

    It's a great event if the weather is good. Unfortunately it was raining and very misty / foggy on the day I ran.

    This leads me to one piece of advice - carry a waterproof jacket or windproof - the temp on the course is a couple of degrees down on the local ambient temp - or it can be. Be prepared.

    I don't know how much the race has grown but running the marathon I found the last so many miles very lonely - I felt quite down at times, I saw no one for what felt like an age - it might only have been a couple of miles but at 9m/m over the marathon it felt like an age.

    The course is quite challenging but I've run harder halfs and of course you do get some great scenery. This is a good choice for a half if you want to enjoy your run, not set a pb or run at a storming pace. I enjoy races so much more when I'm not going flat out for a time, just enjoying the run.

    image Have fun and enjoy.

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