Talkback: Weekday Winners: The Winners!



  • I contacted Saucony directly. They apologised for the delay, said the e-mail from RW to them regarding winners must have gone astray, and they're sending the shoes - should be with me middle of next week!
  • I still havent recieved anything from Science in Sport - any news???
  • I'm really excited to see that I've won a prize in this brilliant competition, but it turns out that it was time specific and I've now missed the opportunity image

    I didn't know that I'd won a place in the Pine Ridge 10k until one of my fellow club members asked me how it was!

    Unfortunately I didn't hear anything from Runners World - I've checked my spam filter and there's nothing there from either RW or the organisers.

    If only I'd've won one of the other items it wouldn't have mattered - typical! I haven't won ANYTHING since I was 7 and then I miss out when I finally do 26 years later! Gutted... but easy come, easy go.

    Will have to try double hard to win something in 2012!!


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