Novice Adventure Race - Single Speed Bike; Insanity?

I'm considering doing an adventure race which I'm told is suitable for a reasonably fit novice to get round:

4k Kayak

30k Bike

10k Run

I am a complete novice to biking, would it be insanity to attempt this on a single speed MTB?


  • Not insanity - it'll just make it trickier for you, and if theres hills - you may have to walk ?

    Race sounds fun - where is it ?
  • The Battle of Antrim

    It's in Antrim NI, I'm just aiming to complete the course so I don't think getting off and pushig if necessary is a big issue for me.

    I could always borrow a bike I suppose.

  • Why are these sort of thing for teams of 2?
  • usually for safety and support if there are issues en route as you are away from immediate help
  • Scottish Coast to Coast does let single racers do it - but theres lots of teams too.
  • Assuming that you're used to riding a SS, then you'll know exactly what it's capabilities are and being able to judge the sanity level accordingly.
    But as you're novice and don't, god knows image
  • It seems at least plausable that I can do it, I'm going to suck-it-and-see, I've decided that there is a bike shaped hole in my life that the SS could fill anyway.  I'll arrange a temporary solution for the race if required.  Thanks for the input all.

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