Mount Edgcumbe 10km

Who else is taking part in this new race - Devon Vs Cornwall and who are you running for?


  • Currently Devon are significantly outnumbering Cornwall on the start list.

    It'll be the first 10 runners over the line to decide the winning county and the rumour is that Devon are bringing out some big guns for the day!

    Check out the shredevents facebook page for updates,  and photos.

  • I'm coming down from London to run for Cornwall. I'll be the one with the Serpentine vest on so will easily stand out. Wouldn't class myself as a big gun though. If I see Kairn Stone on the start line, that's first place sorted out. Looking forward to it though. As it's clashed with "The 'Eller" which is now off, hopefully people who would've done that will take part in this one instead.

  • Looking forward to it!! Running for Devon, so I hope I can say I was on the winning team...... be it a bit, or a lot!!, further back than the top 10 that decide it!!!!
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