Snowdonia Marathon

Anybody got a spare place. Phone 07921667497. Cheers.


  •  It looks like you beat me to it Andy, so I will be second in line,full refund of course. 
  • Andrew/WOF: You might like to look at the main forum - Snowdonia Marathon 2011
  • If anyone is looking for a place, please mail me on

    Many thanks! 

  • Also looking for a place pleeease call 07714443181 image

  • Sorry looks like i'm running now. Physio seems to have worked his magic after a test run this evening. I won't be very fit though...groan.
  • Cant wait for this, will be my 3rd tiome on the course, looks like the weather is going to be nice which will make a change from last year!!! No hail stones this year will make things a lot easier! Good luck to all the runnersimage
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