Zombies run- game/ training plan


not spam, saw this and I thought this might be genius or utter madness.

not sure yet!


  • That looks amazing!
  • great idea, if only i ran to music...image
  • That does look quite amazing.... could get your adrenalin going if you run off road / in the dark.

  • I am so hoping this lives up what to what I expect from it and is amazing!
  • not sure how it works with distances....do you or they set the distances ....its definitely different but can't see me using itimage
  • Booky will love this
  • image

    Yes. Yes I do!

  • I saw it on KickStarter at the weekend - it look brilliant, especially for those winter evening runs through the lanes!
  • Wow - does look pretty good. Although I avoid running with music in the winter once it gets dark - bad enough trying to dodge normal hazards!
  • i suppose you can do it with one headphone on only so that you can stay alert for traffic or even ont he treadmill!

  • Fit!
  • Oh lord, no. I would be terrified.image

    A pal lent me some zombie game or other for the playstation and I switched it off before I even saw any zombies- just hearing them was enough. With the surround system it sounded like they were behind me. It was a nice sunny afternoon too and I was cacking myself. image Imagine if it had been at night.

    I used to hide behind the sofa watching Dr Who too....

  • Hi guys - I'm from the developer of Zombies, Run! and I can answer a few questions:

    md6: You don't need to listen to music to play the game - it'll work without any tracks. Although it probably is better with music...

    Andreia: A lot of people have asked us about being able to play with just one headphone for that very reason, so we're going to make that an option - you'll be able to play the game in stereo or mono!

    Happy to answer any other questions you guys have!
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