Law Of Attraction - does it work for you?

If anyone has read Rhonda Byrne: The secret, and tested law of attraction in practise, I want your opinions please! Did it or did it not work?

Open discussion welcome!


  • It's bollocks. Byrne has managed to hoodwink a lot of stupid people. She's the Dan Brown of self-help authors.
  • I've not read the Secret, but it's something I've read about, as a result of a friend being very interested in it.

    I'm part skeptical, but I think there is some evidence that the whole 'positive thinking / visualising yourself in the situation you want to be in' thing has some legs.

    Sorry, sitting a bit on the fence there!

  • I meant to add.... I think the only way it can work is if the process actually causes the individual to change their own behaviour, which might previously have been preventing them from achieving what they want to.

    But I think the effectiveness is massively over stated.

  • Yes definately...I fancy fish and chips...and I'm having 'em tonight...whether they like or there, total positve thinKing!image
  • It's like watching the fuel gauge on your car. No matter how hard you try you just can't think the tank full.

    At least Byrne and her publishers are raking it in. People who bought the book, though, are still in their dead-end jobs and shitty lives, but are £8 worse off.
  • It's not only a scam to fleece gullible people, it's a very nasty idea.

    So the mother in Africa, helplessly watching her last remaining child starve to death is wholly to blame??  Because she does not WANT THE CHILD TO LIVE quite hard enough?  Please!

  • I agree with Candy. Lousie Hay spouts the same old pony.

    Positive thinking is one thing, bringing bad things upon ourselves because we have a "lesson to learn" is quite another.  (Hay also believes we choose our own parents).

    I'd say Baby P gives the lie to both of those pretty conclusively. I doubt the poor mite chose that b*tch for a mother and whatever lessons he was supposed to get in his sad life he was dead well before he could learn them.

  • Irrespective of the book, I think people who think positively have a better time of it than people who are always negative.  Possibly because they don't react in the same way to bad things happening - you probably can't prevent them, but you can choose how to deal with them.  If you're generally more positive, you might also be more likely to take chances on opportunities that arise (i.e. believing it could be good), so as a result if you embrace more opportunities, statistically you're more likely to experience more 'good things', if that makes sense.  I think that is more the premise of that book - having a positive attitude will result in a more positive life, not that great things suddenly start happening if you just think of it once.

    Conversely i've got a friend who is generally a rid miserable sod, and low and behold, lots of negative things happen to her.  It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy - expect everything to be bad, and a lot of it will be.  So why not expect everything to be good, and a lot of it will be too image

  • I think it sounds like a load of flim flam, although I do believe that positive thinking produces better results than negative thinking when attitude can be expected to make a difference.
  • As with most things it works within reason. Take running for example. I know that if I go into a race feeling good and confident, I'll be more likely to run a PB. However, no amount of positive mental shit will make me as fast as Paula Radcliffe.
  • I think pessimist always wins! They can never be disappointed
  • I'm with Lee and MadameO.

    It is basically all about believing in yourself. That's what most self-help books come down to in the end. If you have low self esteem, and you project it, there are a lot of nasty people who will take advantage of you. Couple this with when a random act knocks you down you start to believe the whole world is against you.

    Read a book that gives you strategies to deal with low self esteem and put them into practice and possibly you can change your outlook. 

    Have belief in yourself and you can do unbelievable things. If you start a marathon thinking you won't get to the end. That will quickly become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Although I'm usually an optimistic little soul, the power of thought can't stop bad things happening. This year has been pretty pants, to be frank. We lost MrAN's Nana, and then a month later, a very close family friend passed away. I lost my job and then we very nearly lost my Mum's partner. Despite applying for lots of jobs, I'm still without paid employment, I have my little preserves business, but that's little more than pin money. I naturally deal well with set backs, I might have an hour or two moping about, but then I put it behind me. Yet still, bad things continue to happen.

    I think bad things happen to everyone, just like good things do. The trick is to recognise and appreciate the good things. For instance, this week has been appalling, then I had a phone call this afternoon which might make my little business a bit of money. And I went for a run along a new route today, and found it was so incredibly pretty I had to stop to drink it all in. In a week of bad news and accidents and wotnot, these are good things, to be cherished.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    A Jewish man goes into the synagogue and prays. "O Lord, you know the mess I'm in, please let me win the lottery."

    The next week, he's back again, and this time he's complaining. "O Lord, didn't you hear my prayer last week? I'll lose everything I hold dear unless I win the lottery."

    The third week, he comes back to the synagogue, and this time he's desperate. "O Lord, this is the third time I've prayed to you to let me win the lottery! I ask and I plead and still you don't help me!"

    Suddenly a booming voice sounds from heaven. "Benny, Benny, meet me half way. Buy a ticket!"
  • LOL!!!  image
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