OK I am in anybody else plating entries open now


  • this fills up quickly..............I loved it when i did it............had to give my place away this  year and already got something on that weekend next year..................but hopefully will be back for 2013image
  • oh yes yes YES!
  • It's already full!
  • I am entered image will be my third year and one of my most favourite races of the year, bring on the bogs!! image
  • it was full last night my mate missed the boatimage

  • It must have sold out in record time, it only went on sale yesterday didnt it? Luckily my mate posted on arsebook that she had entered or else i would have missed it too!
  • Bit gutted actually. I really wanted to do it next year.
    If anyone has achange of mind can you give me a shout please? image
  • Hope I will keep an ear out there are usually a few places up for grabs at our club with injuries etc nearer the time
  • Cheers mate. I'll keep it in the plan and hopefully get a place later image
  • Gutted. Can't believe my local event has filled up like that. Ran it last year but it has always been easy to enter quite late. Best event I've ever run in. Adsolutely devo'd.
  • Alex, if you are local, have you considered joining the club (Axe Valley Runners). I used to go there and they were a fantastic bunch - mad as hatters, but really friendly and encouraging.
    The deal used to be that club members were basically either expected to marshall/help, but could run if they got someone to volunteer in their place.

    I know it probably isn't the done thing to join a club, just to do a race, but honestly I couldn't recommend the club enough, it's just a real shame that time commitments, and a fair drive to get there mean I can't really manage to run with them any more.
  • Cheers Exiled. I would feel a bit bad though as I would literally do zero other running with them. I think i am going to rely on a dropout. This year 7 of us entered and only 3 ran because of injury and it's not a race to run with a niggle! The problem is that the relatively low price of entry means people don't bother finding a replacement.

    Hope I'll get in anyway. The high I got this year was genuinely one of the biggest of my life. Running through the Fountain Head crowd after 8 miles barely seeing a soul was truly incredible. Remember my eyes welling as saw my friends and family! And the camaraderie with the marshals who give up their day to sit by a bog. Plus the live band in the cowshed! Just an amazing event.

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