2011 for 2011 - week 38

First week in a long time that I've ran for 6 out of 7 days, logging 42 miles in the process, making a total of 1532.25,  about 66.5 miles ahead of target. In hindsight maybe the extra day off is better for me, as my right achilles feels a bit sore. Still, an easy week coming up in advance of the Coventry half marathon next weekend.

And just when we thought the weather would be cooling down, and we'd get rid of the humid weather, it seems to be back this weekend! Early morning runs it is then to avoid the humid weather...still, I expect in three months time we'll all be complaining we can't run because of snow!

Happy running / racing everyone!


  • Nearly got myself back into a surplus this week with a weekly log of 40.83 miles, this brings my annual total to 1470.71 miles just 0.35 miles behind.

    Going to push on in week 39 and try and get back into a decent surplus.  As you say Simon the snow could prevent us from running, so I don’t want to be carrying a deficit into late November and December.


  • Great running guys!! New marathon world record at Berlin this morning - 2.03.38!! That is just amazing!

    Did I not hear snow arriving October?

  • Hi WR, I did hear about that snow in October prediction but I'm trying to ignore the possibility!

    Watched the marathon it was amazing!

  • Yep unbelievable time!!
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