Calorie count

Hi guys, i have been given a theory on how to work out calories a day

(66 + (6.23 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x height in inches)- 4.7 x age in years....take figure and multiply by 1.5 (moderate exercise)

remove 500kcal for weightloss

so for a 32 year old, 5ft 11 man, 16 stone it say i need to eat 2824kcal a day for weightloss.

does anyone with greater knowledge than me think this is too much? seems an awful lot.



  • I've just done this and it gives me a daily calorie allocation of less than my previously calculated basal metabolic rate. With a 500 calorie deficit, it has me eating around 1200 a day, around 200 calories less than my BMR.
  • allnew any other ways of doing it? not only is it confusing dieting, working out how to diet is too!!!!
  • I've used both an online calculator for my basal metabolic rate, and an electronic reading, which were about the same. If you google BMR or Harris Benedict formula you'll get a bit more info that should be helpful.
  • ta...will do!
  • 2132? take off 500 so im left with 1632? some difference that!
  • Dieting isn't confusing at all. Eat less, move more.
  • For maintenance I'm only allowed less than 1500 calories. That would mean that for weight loss I'd be eating less than 1000 calories a day and probably grinding my metabolism to a halt.

    I'm surprised it came out like that because your example seems very high.

    Also it uses the same calculation for men and women which seems odd? I didn't think it was just the fact that men are generally bigger that allows them to eat more?

  • yeah but if two seperate theories are saying two totally different amounts there is some confusion in there... how about you are moving more and eating too little, so therefore trainin is useless. i am currently training for a marathon in two weeks, but know that i need to eat well to get through long runs. once this is done and my training reduces i need to cut calories more scientifically.
  • actually ive just been on bmr with exercise. with moderate exercise its saying 3304. minus the 500 thats 2804. pretty similar to original one??

  • The problem when you start adding in phrases like moderate exercise is that every definition is different.

    If you're running for exercise then take your BMR and know that each mile you run uses net 100 calories, you'll then have a rough idea of what your calorific need is. 

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