One painful foot!

Over the last week I've developed a pain (not an ache) in my left foot.

The area affected is the top of the foot about two inches behind my big toe. If I apply a little pressure the pain can be quite sharp. I feel it occasionally when I walk and it can jab quite severely as I'm warming up, but tends to ease off as I start to run. Pulling on and lacing up my shoe can also be a bit painful. I have no pain whatsoever in the right foot and I haven't changed my route, style or trainers recently. I run on undulating, but not too hilly roads.

I'm in the final six to seven weeks of training for the NY marathon and very concerned that it's going to take me out of action. I'm running about 40-50 miles per week.

I tried to run yesterday evening, but felt that I might be making matters worse so stopped.

With the marathon looming, I've some big miles to put in over the next few weeks and I'm not sure what to do for the best. Everywhere I read the warnings, but the thought of being out of action for four to six weeks now is really bringing me down.

Any help and advice would be very gratefully received.



  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Is there any chance that with all your training your shoes have got knackered without you noticing? Perhaps the forefoot cushioning has deteriorated?
  • This sounds like exactly the pain I had - When I say my physio on Monday she told me that it was due to my spraining the second toe and the scar tissue that it had formed. She said that I could do the GNR still. I had some ultrasounds and electro therapy and have been massaging it myself every night since and it is healing up a treat.
    Go and get it looked at!
  • Good point Glenn. My running shoes had also worn out at the forefoot and this was making the pain worse!
  • Glenn,

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but I don't think that's the problem.

    My trainers (Nike Air Pegasus) are only about a month or two old (so broken-in but not worn out).

  • Think it's time to find a physio! Anybody recommend somebody in Durham area?

  • Found this online too:

    Could I be suffering from Flexor Tendinitis?

    I'll have a look at the article on this site on how to tie my laces(!) and maybe try a different running shoe (I've used Saucony up until recently).

    Thanks to Glenn and polarbear for the advice!

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭

    Suggest you use some ibufrofen to get the inflamation down - don't use it to train through the paid though.

  • I would be concerned if you had recently increased your, milage, pace or hilwork about tendinitis or eve a metatarsal stress fracture, don't ignore it - get some professional advice
  • Martin / polarbear

    I've taken your advice and booked my first appointment with a physio on Monday!

    Will let you know how it goes. Thanks to everybody for the support and advice.

  • Just to update everybody. Saw the Physio last week and discovered it was my trainers after all.

    Not that they're too new or too old, just not very good (for me anyway). I replaced my usual Saucony for a pair of Nike Air Pegasus (2002) which have an irritating seam where the tongue joins the shoe. It seems that this had been pressing on the foot causing quite a lot of pain after a putting in a few miles.

    I've ordered a pair of new Saucony Hurricanes and chucked the Nikes in the bin!

    I'm also going to loosen the laces a little which may have been a contributing factor.

    Thanks for all the help and advice.

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