Stroud Half 2011 = First Half Ever!



  • I don't know what's next.

    Now I've seen the pictures from the day though I've realised I'm not lifting my legs high enough so I'm sure I can get much faster times if I work on that a bit. So maybe a few months of speed training and then go for a 10K or half marathon in the early new year.

    ref, the collapsed runner. I've heard that the guy finished the race and collapsed with a heart attack. Quite a young guy by all accounts. He's in the Glos Royal and in a bad way.
  • Oh crikey that's awful! My Mum said she saw a young guy being put into an ambulance but I didn't think about that... that's 2 quite local HMs (is Bristol local?) where quite young runners have had heart attacks...frightening!!

    I'm going to attempt this race again next year and aim for a better time with a specific plan..the one I followed for this was just a 'get round' plan which I managed so it served it's purpose...hopefully I will remain on my feet the whole time next year which I'm sure will help with the time!

    Hope the runner in GRH is on the mend soon!

  • Hope the guy is ok spoke to someone at work today in tipton and he said when he crossed the line there was a young chap recieving cpr .. lets hope he recovers

    I may do the glos marathon next but i need to prepare properly and train, but i also fancy a few more hm distances and a few more muddy wet runs, brum was my second half the first i did in 2.13 as a tester bur brum i did in 1.32 so i would lile to see if i can get better if i train and cut down on the football
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