Freckleton Half Marathon 2012



  • Great work Brian. Unfortuneatly I missed my bloody bus and couldn't get a train in time to get to Freckleton for the number pick up. Should have taken a chance and set off early anyway and hoped the course was the full distance. Hey ho!

    Nevermind. Best of luck to everyone running the race. 

  • thanks Jason. We had all 3 Churches working on that last night and this morning image

  • Good race. Didn't realise how sunny it was though and now legs are stinging from sunburn.

    Many thanks to ladies in number collection tent who were very helpful and patient when I was last minute.

    Wonder if turn around point could be slightly later though, so we could run past Lytham green and the Windmill?
  • Number 662 has been disqualified as this was a man running in a woman's number, contrary to UKA Rules.

  • This was my first Freckleton 1/2 and can i say what an enjoyable one it was...the water stops were a must..the support from the locals was great and encouraging..It was great to see the familiar face, and hear the voice, of Andy OSullivan ( local to me). Also the organisers couldnt have done a better job well done

  • For a bit of fun (!!) I have added into the results a column which will be of more interest to some of you older runners than the younger ones probably!

    The perf% column is a regular feature in the results of races which I chip time, but some of you don't know what it is. The World Masters Association publishes a table (updated infrequently) of world best times for all ages eligible to run certain distances. The percentage shown indicates how well you did against the best for your age (note age, not age group).

    The extra column I have added shows your what your position would have been if the results were based solely on your performance! If you click on the heading "Perf%" it will sort (either descending or ascending order depending on how many times you click it!) See if you did better than your actual race position. For example, whilst the race winner doesn't change places, 2nd place would have been taken by a female vet 55!!

    I probably won't add this column for many races but thought it might amuse some of you out there! image

  • Thanks for that UKR man

    It made no difference to my position overall. It just means I was beaten by different peopleimage

    Thank you for your brilliant service again

  • Brian, Thanks for organising my second half marathon. Great venue, well organised. great weather. When can i book for 2013?

  • Nowt to do with me Adrian. All down to the organisers
  • Well i guess you are in touch with these unsung heroes! pass on my thanks. Here`s to the next one & a better time!  image

  • Another well organised and very enjoyable Freckleton HM and as per previous years, when i have enter this race, the sun came out. I think i may of got my slowest time yet on this course, but having not raced since last years London M, it was just great getting out there esp on just a great event. The locals helped make this a special event by coming out in force as per and a big thanks to Brain and all the other guys & gals involved in this event, which almost suffered due to the weather on the days leading up to this.

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