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Hi all,

 I'm running in the  Great Edinburgh Run next weekend - my first 10k. Some time ago I plotted the route in mapometer to work out the hill profile and get some idea what it would be like, that route is here: Great Edinburgh Run mapometer. Being slightly bored the other day, I imported the train into Google Earth, where you can run it as a tour with the 3d buildings. You can see that here:  Great Edinburgh Run tour.

Whether this of any use I have no idea, but the tour does look quite neat.

If any of you are doing the run I'll see you there (I'll be the one with red face and white legs).



  • Mat,

    I will be the one with the red face and huffing and puffing.image 

    What wave are you in?

    Good luck image

  • Good luck to you too!

     I'll be in the green wave. When I registered ages ago I didn't know how fast I would do it, so I reckoned on somewhere around an hour. I haven't got much faster so my goal is simply to run under the hour. I too will be huffing and puffing, especially on the uphill bits.


  • Thanks alot for definately going to have a look!!  I dont know the course at all...still waiting on my race pack (im a bit nervous as I havent received it yet)!  When I entered i stated my time as 1h 10 but expect to do it in the hour all going well...think the hills are supposedly 'challenging' arrrghh!!  Good luck everyone!! image
  • Hi Princess,

     The hill profile in the mapometer link should give you some idea. Based on that and relatives who know the city better than me, I think the hills are:

    1. The first through the park part up Queens Drive, uphill but fairly gentle. You then go downhill along the Pleasance.

    2. Uphill along the start of Cowgate

    3. Big downhill on the Mound 

    4. Sharp uphill beteen Waverley and the High Street

    5. Big downhill all the way back to the finish,

    I found the stuff on hills here: hills to be useful, especially baby steps, upright posture and (I read somewhere) use of the arms. I know from my GPS watch that I run hills a lot slower than the flat, but I found I don't need to stop running if I follow the advice. Fingers crossed it will see me through. I have to train on hills anyway as there's nothing flat near my house!

  • Yeh a few hills in the course...i agree with u, baby steps and head down tends to work for me best.  Im pretty slow with the hills too but my 10k route in Glasgow incorporates a few so fingers crossed it will be enough to get me through and the sound of downhill all the way back to the finish sounds perfect haha...hoping to finish in under the 1h mark so fingers crossed!  Where are you travelling from?

  • Travelling from the suburbs of Edinburgh! I've only lived in the area for a year though, so don't know the city all that intimately. My other half is from Edinburgh though so I have an inside track.

    Indedentally, my brother-in-law should complete the course slightly ahead of the winning elite athlete, but then he'll be on a  motorbike, which is technically cheating!

    My sister-in-law registered late and hasn't had her pack yet either by the way. I got mine a week or so ago.

  • thats good to know im not the only one without my pack yet then!   Still hope image!!  Good luck on the day and it appears the weather should be on our side...just need the trains to run on time now on the morning of the race!
  • Good luck to you to, epsecially with the trains!
  • Well it's done now. It was interesting (to me at any rate) running the route I'd seen so many times on the computer. Was pleased with my time (55:31 - although I think I got beat by Bananaman!) and enjoyed the day, especially the fact that the torrential rain stopped just in time.

     Hope everyone got on well.

  • Hey Well Done!! What a brilliant day..I was delighted with my time too 57:20 a PB for me!  Great Course and the hill down to the finish was just wonderful....- as for the rain...I couldnt believe it stopped for us starting...perfect eh! 
  • Congrats on your PB! Totally agree with the hill at the end. I was in Edinburgh yesterday and it occured to me how clever the route was. It could have been a lot more uphill if they'd wanted.

     Good to see the highlights programme last night , looked like the elite woman caught the rain. I hadn't realised the elite men started right in front of the crowd - shortly before leaving them well behind!

  • Hi Guys...

    It was a great day wasn't it despite the rainy start....loved the warm up...really needed it as i was chittering.

    I did it in 55.19...not a 10k PB but wasn't expecting one for that course anyway and would have been happy with just under the hour. I was amazed with myself that i didn't stop once with all them hills. really enjoyed it and hope to do it next year and beat my course record then.

    Well done to you both...............and Princess for your your chuffed.....

  • It was a good route....there were a few hills in it, but to be honest wasn't as bad as I expected as they were all talking..even on TV how it was 'a hilly course' having a rest now tho for a few days...think im owed it image  Yeh the highlights were better last night than it was on the day on C5....I was also surprised to see the Elite men in with the normal crowd, as u say tho, left them for dust haha...!  It was really well organised tho...I was quite impressed with the set up of it all...ill definately be doing it again next year...and possibly Glasgow in May! 
  • Hi Franny T...thanks for that...Yeh to say I was chuffed was an best time for a 10k was 1h 3 mins so knocked quite a bit of time off it!  The warm up was good fun eh...and the bottles of Powerade went down a treat...just a shame the grass was so mucky...should maybe have had some boards down...felt like I was walking on Marshland at the end! Great Even and Very well organised!  Well Done just glad I can have a little rest now, my legs r tired image
  • Princess....I agree I usually don't like hills and was dreading it in a way and like you I didn't think it was as bad as I had anticipated....

    How was your journey through???? We had a nightmare journey when we went through to Glasgow a few weeks back when I did the Half Marathon....not enough carraiges..No seats for folks and in the end just no room at all and some people were not allowed to get on.....Shambles it was....The great Brittish Transport at its best.

  • The Journey was absolutely fine both going to Edinburgh and back problems whatsoever and the trains were not even that busy - not what I expected at all!  Thats a real shame for ur Half marathon journey - Scotrail are a joke at the best of times - but that is something that should have been anticipated and well organised...stress on the trains is the last thing u need when ur heading to run a half marathon - all ur energy should be going into that!  Hope u complained - not that it would make any difference tho!  How did u find the Glasgow Run compared to Edinburgh - albeit longer?
  • Princess - I did the glasgow 10k last yeat so was prepared for the train fiasco this year....We did com[lain last year but it has fell on deaf ears it seems.....What do you expect......

    I really enjoyed the Glasgow half though the worst part for me was going through Pollock park...I seemed to be in there forever...LOL....It was a hot day too....Got a PB and did it in 2hrs 2mins and 3 secs which I was delighted with although i really wanted a sub 2.....there is always a next time though image I have entered for the Edinburgh marathon agin this year for the 3rd time and allso the Rock and Roll Half in April.......My next race is a 10k in Strathaven in November.... Whens your next races ??

  • Franny the Edinburgh was my first ever race...ive only been running for 4 months!  Your results are pretty impressive....what a fantastic achievement for the Glasgow half...Ive ran round Pollock Park a few times (got my wedding piccies done there too many years ago) its a nice run but can feel like forever sometimes haha!  Dont think ill be doing any half marathons in a hurry tho...its been hard work for me training for the 10K..ive got  2 young children so finding the time can be difficult sometimes!  Im interested in this Strathaven 10K ive got alot of family that live there..,who is organising it and can anyone enter as ive nothing else planned in and that would keep me going?  
  • Interested to hear about the 10k in November FrannyT. I'm registered for the Rock and Roll Half  too and was looking for something in between then and now to keep me motivated. How do you find out about these things? I look on the race diary pages but they seem to be missing a lot of events (unless I'm doing it wrong).

    I pre-registered for the Marathon but got put off my the comments on the organisation and the training committment. I think a half in April is a good goal for me though.

  • Princess and Cormorant...if you google strathaven stridors and look for The run with the wind 10k.It does get booked up quite quick may be lucky.....think its £ get bussed to the start which is at a wind farm and then you run all the way back down into the town.I managed last years race in 51.12.....I found out about this race from someone at my husbands work who is in a running can also have soup and sandwhiches afterwards.Princess -it can be difficult fitting training in around family never know this time next year you might want a different challenge LOL...Well done on your 1st race......and only after 4 months running.Cormorant......yeah this years organisation at the end of the marathon was a shambles but the support around the course is superb..I had decided that this year was going to be my last but well you see I do just love that day and the acheivement you feel.They have changed the finish for this year so should be better.I am using the half in April as part of my training as it should give me a good indication of what time to expect in May.....let me know if you manage to get into Run with the Wind....
  • Just had look guys and it says its full but you can put your name on the waiting list.
  • Also Princess......Do you know about Parkruns.....think the Glasgow one is in Pollock park....they are 5k timed runs that happen every Saturday morning and are free....I try and go to mine most Saturdays......Cormorant you go to them ?
  • Yes, I went to one (Crammond) not long after I started. I really enjoyed it and the experience of running with others was very useful. I take my son to gymastics on a Sat morning so haven't been for a while, but I'll go at half term and xmas. I'm really interested to see if my time has improved.
  • yeh ive just checked the 'Run With The Wind' is full as Cormorant says...not to worry...that would have been good tho! I know of the Parkruns FrannyT but like Cormorant I have commitments on a Saturday morning with the Children but will maybe try go on the holiday breaks! Thanks for the info tho, thats all been very useful!  Was good to see the photos/video up today from Sunday....
  • I enjoyed the photos too. Never seen myself in action before. The video was especially good as I had a wee bit left in the tank and massively went for it for the last 50m or so! I'll probably buy one of them, and finally update my profile picture.

  • Haha! Yeh its not the kind of photos you randomly go about taking is it....!  The video was great...made me laugh as I collapsed into the barrier after the finishing line, just with sheer relief I think...I actually tried to update my profile picture but I think the resolution or something was too large, so gave up trying!
  • Grrrrrr I didn't get papped on the way round.........maybe I was too much like lightening.Ha Ha

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